GitHub + Forecast

The integration with GitHub will enable you to track pull requests, issues and commits, between your chosen GitHub projects and Forecast projects.

Developer tools

Connect developers & code

Connect developers and code with the GitHub integration. The integration with GitHub allows effortless management and syncing of software development between GitHub and Forecast creating transparency over commits and code issues for everyone who is involved or needs to be informed.

The GitHub Forecast integration allows users to manage everything from a single place and avoid duplicate work while keeping users, tasks, workflow, estimates, phase and assigned team members up-to-date.

Sync and track issues and pull requests

Simply select the repository to connect to the project for 1-to-1 synchronization between a Forecast project and a GitHub repository. Get instant access to the integration's features to attach pull requests and issues to a Forecast task, set tasks to done via merging a pull request and automate linking of branches to tasks.