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Hi there, we're Forecast! We support companies, like you, by creating a solution that allows you to optimize your daily life. We work hard to build a fantastic product that helps our customers efficiently create more profitable and predictable projects. We're a modern company with a growing global audience. We are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), to provide solutions to even the most complex problems.

66% of all projects fail, and we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes… Current tools are not helping people make smarter project planning solutions, so people continue to make the same mistakes. Your data is collecting dust on a shelf, and we found a solution through AI and Machine Learning (ML) to create well tailored predictions of your time, costs, and schedule.

Forecast has a clean interface, simple to use, easy to learn and to get to grips with.
Joshua | Holition
Customer since March 2018

The Tale of Forecast

Once upon a time, 4 Computer Science WizKids studying at the University of Copenhagen, were part of industry collaboration with one of the largest Nordic Financial Institutions, let's call it NFI.

NFI had a problem, a very large one in fact. NFI was running around 140-150 IT development projects, simultaneously. They had considerable difficulties delivering their projects within budget, scope, and schedule. Since NFI had about 100+ project managers, getting an overview of projects, estimating them correctly, gathering and leveraging experiences and best practices- it was a hard feat to accomplish.

The four WizKids accepted the challenge to help solve NFI's project planning problems. After six months of intensive research, a solution was presented to NFI and was very well received. Transparency in the organization increased as we found a way to handle this in a structured and straightforward way. The four WizKids came up with a unique software solution that helped to alleviate this large and unwieldy problem.

Mission & Values

At Forecast, through our values and collective mission, we deliver. Your needs are taken care of because only we:

  • eliminate all manual and error-prone work on projects
  • ensure that all projects are successful and profitable
  • satisfy your customers and team members needs
  • build a world-class product and service

We always see room to improve as an opportunity- making what we do the best in the world. We ask for and act on candid feedback to continuously learn from both our customers and teams using Forecast.

Forecast is the ultimate Professional Service Automation (PSA) core to run any project-driven organization!

Prototyping Forecast

The NFI project was soon put on the backburner as the four WhizKids finalized their studies and went into the industry to work as consultants for different top-tier consulting companies. Though, the idea of starting a business of their own was constantly lurking in the back of their minds.

The scene is as classic as ever- a basement, one computer, and two chairs. In 2013, at the University of Copenhagen's Katapult incubator, a company was born. The four began Forecast Consult; a consulting company heavily focused on helping clients with advanced technology. During this period the four started scheming about how to build the ultimate Professional Service Automation product.

After a vast amount of research studies and talking to an insane amount of small and large potential customers, the four found project planning to be a recurring problem. For an incredible amount of agencies, professional service companies and enterprises, project and resource planning was either commonly overlooked or a heavy, tedious process.

We built the first prototype on a shoestring budget that couldn't even fit into a matchbox. No easy task- but as startups do, the four Wizkids agreed to put all their spare time and money on the table, rolled their sleeves up, and started creating.

Forecast is launched

In 2016, the four spun out Forecast as a new company. Things started moving quickly and raised the first investment round from SEED Capital, AKA the largest Danish Venture Capital fund. Forecast Consult, closed and the company became 100% a Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

Our goal is not only to make it bearable to plan and run projects but to take it serval steps further- easy, and delightfully straightforward. We make it possible to create both small and large complex projects in a way that is accurate, predictable, and above all, profitable.

We're achieving our goals through a fresh approach where we apply AI and Machine Learning technology to ease the dull, numbing pain and boredom of administering projects, people and time. We do this so our customers can spend their time on creating exciting, fresh ideas, and all that other office fun stuff too. We take pride in having customers from all around the world who trust us to help them run their businesses - efficiently.

Only at Forecast do we have a resource & project management platform that delivers automation & transparency for digital projects through AI predictability.

As you can see, the story has not yet come to an end as we continue our journey to work hard and of course, rocking on. At least, now you know a little about our beginning and the basic premise of our history.


Meet the Team

Martin Albrecht

Product Designer

Leendert v.van Doorn


Jens Duelund Pallesen

Chaplain & Co-Founder

Niels Frederiksen

Chaplain & Co-Founder

Filip Germanek

Full Stack Developer

Andrei Gligor


Dennis Kayser

CEO & Co-Founder

Jacek Kizinski

Full Stack Developer

Zlatomira Koleva

Digital Marketing Specialist

Danny Larsen

CTO & Co-Founder

Julie Nielsen

UX Designer

Thomas Nielsen

Data Science and AI

Kasper Nymand

Marketing Assistant
Kasper N

Kelley Reynolds

Content & Community

Francisco Rueda

Account Executive

Jacek Rusiecki

Sales Development

Kasper Skjold

Kasper S.

Based in Copenhagen but here to scale globally


How We Work

Forecast is globally minded! Our team consists of dedicated and talented people from all corners of the world. We value a self-starting and action-oriented attitude. Execution is key. That means all Forecasters are energetic initiators who share ideas, find the needed resources, set goals, and get others excited about them.

We expect everyone to understand the broader context, prioritize, and take action to emulate the company-wide vision. A Forecast team and team leader will always support other Forecasters and help them learn, but they won't be expected to lead individual Forecasters by the hand and tell them what to do.

We're not fans of office politics or optimizing for your own success at the expense of others. That's why we only hire collaborators. The cream of the crop- the people who are motivated to help others around them succeed.

We consider ourselves a small, but fast and capable, speedboat in a sea of tankers. We don't practice topheavy bureaucracy, long drawn decisions, and backstabbing politics. We just want to build the freshest and most modern solution to help our customers in the best possible way.

Mission Control, we have lift-off!

We’ve gotten off to a great start, and we’re on our way to reaching our mission. We’re an incredibly motivated team! We won't stop building and improving our excellent squad or unique platform in the years to come. Since day one, we’ve focused on creating a good foundation for scaling: we have a healthy company culture and a stellar team that’s driven to constantly exceed expectations in building the best product and service to delight our customers.

We built our product on a sustainable infrastructure that allows us to develop new features and functionalities quickly. Our world-class customer support gives us a competitive edge in the market. Our ambition is that the vast majority of our customers, small and large, will have a natural wish to recommend us to their peers and that they’re eager to continuously build a better product and service, closely together with us.

We've reached lift-off and so much more! It was an early start but not just the kickoff. Over the next years, we’ll have to learn to do things we haven’t done before. Luckily, we’re better equipped than ever before to grow and scale Forecast.

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