A message from Forecast's CEO on COVID-19

Forecast is on a continuous mission to help knowledge workers improve their operational effectiveness through automation, both in co-located firms but also in firms which span multiple locations and geographies.

As the world is now facing a global pandemic in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and millions of people are now being forced to work remotely across the globe, I believe Forecast's mission is now more relevant than ever.

In this context, I want to share three key initiatives currently running at Forecast:

  1. Ensuring uninterrupted service
  2. Expanding customer support hours
  3. Partnering with non-profits and health organizations to help fight COVID-19

Ensuring uninterrupted service

Our primary concern is to guarantee the safety of our employees, community, partners, and customers, while ensuring that you can rely on Forecast's continued operation and business continuity.

To help stem the spread of COVID-19, Forecast employees are working from home and travel is limited to business-critical activities until further notice. This has been in place since it was initially identified that COVID-19 could become a major global problem.

Being a purely cloud-based software business, Forecast is in a fortunate situation where we're able to access all our tools, including the Forecast platform itself, from anywhere. This sets us up for minimal impact on our internal operations in situations like the current one, where we can not be physically working together.

As a modern enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) company, Forecast is more secure than hosting software in your own basement. We work exclusively with our providers to keep servers and software backed up and patched up. Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. This means that closing down a physical office primarily impacts social interactions between Forecasters, and has little effect on our ability to deliver our services. We take advantage of multi-region data-center redundancy that's managed remotely by Forecast engineers.

Expanding customer support hours

We’re committed to supporting our user community, and as part of that we're expanding our support hours to help our customers ensure continuity for their own business operations as well.

Our newly expanded hours are: 6am - 8pm Mon-Friday CET

Partnering with non-profits and health organizations to help fight COVID-19

Finally, we're eager to do what we can to support the global recovery from COVID-19. We can’t create the vaccine ourselves, so we’re offering free Forecast accounts to all non-profits, health organizations and other firms involved in the betterment of the COVID-19 situation, to remain free until the crisis has been solved.

We’re proud to have already partnered with the Red Cross to allow them to coordinate their international response efforts without putting a strain on their financials in troubled times.

If you work with a similar organization and need to do more with less in order to rise to the challenge in front of you, please reach out to us at info@forecast.app to get your free account.

We're continuously working hard to support Forecast employees, community, partners, and customers in this unparalleled global crisis. Thank you all for working with Forecast and for your continued understanding and partnership with us, we truly enjoy and cherish working with you all.

Keep safe and let's pull through!

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