Our Latest Integration... Forecast & BambooHR!

Resource management is an absolute cornerstone of Forecast, because we know that people are the cornerstone of your business. As professional services vendors, it’s your talent that allows you to do what you do. Being able to know who is available to work is a critical consideration. From determining when to take on new projects, to scoping out project timelines, to minimizing delays, managing your resources well is absolutely central to your ability to function effectively.

Our latest integration gets straight to the heart of this by creating cross-platform communication between Forecast and BambooHR!


Eliminate Duplication

Any time you have to duplicate information manually across two systems, you risk mistakes. It’s just human error; we all do it. But something as simple as inputting ‘12’ rather than ‘21’ can really throw off your resource planning. By automating this process, not only do you win time back from repetitive data inputting, you also eliminate the danger that those little mistakes will creep in and cause you more work down the line.

With this integration, Forecast and BambooHR are in direct connection, syncing information in the background. Any approved time off will appear automatically in your resource heatmap, giving you the most accurate picture of your resource availability yet.

If for whatever reason your people make changes to their time off in BambooHR, this information gets fed straight back to Forecast. Every hour, the connection refreshes and captures any new changes in your resource heatmap, making sure that your information represents the most accurate and up-to-date picture of resource availability.

Resource Heatmap

No Need to Reconfigure Your Existing Settings

Ease of use is always front of mind when we add new features, and this integration is no exception. Nobody wants to spend time altering settings or reconfiguring a platform that they already use, which is why we’ve built this integration to keep set-up admin to the bare minimum.

Your existing custom BambooHR settings and time off categories will simply import into Forecast with the click of a button.

Choose Who the Integration Applies To

With Forecast, we always aim to give as much flexibility as possible, so that you can run your teams as suits your business best. You know how your project teams operate. It might be more urgent to view time-off data for some employees over others. This integration offers you the ability to choose whose time off automatically appears in the resource heatmap, and whose does not.

A Pro-People Platform

Few things are more likely to make your employees frustrated than feeling like they get pushback or side-eye every time they submit a PTO request. In the era of the ‘great resignation’ - with many employees speculating that the grass may be greener somewhere else - it is wise to emphasize the benefits your company offers. By showing your staff that you manage resources so effectively that it’s possible for them to take time off even during busy periods, you also make clear that you care about their ability to maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

By streamlining your processes and connecting your systems, Forecast makes work simpler for everyone. Reach out to our team today to learn how you can implement our latest integration!

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