Forecast Now Integrates with Pipedrive!

At Forecast, we’re obsessed with projects, but we understand that projects are just the “How?”. Customers are at the heart of your business; they are the reason why we initiate projects in the first place!

Your CRM system does some serious heavy lifting in your business operations. But if your teams have to update information in a CRM system and in your Project Management platform, you risk miscommunication and data going missing, not to mention time wasted. Wouldn’t it be so much better if your projects talked to your sales pipeline automatically?

Say hello to the latest integration that will make your life simpler… Forecast now connects with Pipedrive! Get your project teams and sales teams on the same page, reap the rewards of joined-up thinking, and save time while you’re at it. 

No More Duplication between Systems

With this integration, we’re kicking manual duplication of data to the curb for Pipedrive users. Client details, vital project information, and pipeline updates automatically stay in sync between the two systems, ousting those issues caused by missed messages and awry data.


You no longer need to create and manage Deals and Projects separately: everything behaves as one simple, joined-up system. Deals created in Pipedrive will be automatically created as a Project in Forecast, at a stage determined by you. As the Deal progresses through the pipeline, it’s made crystal clear to everyone: the linked Project moves from being an ‘Opportunity’ to a ‘Running’ project, in sync with Pipedrive. And as you add more detail to your Project in Forecast, properties and financials will automatically update in Pipedrive.

Custom Features that Work for You

The way you use Forecast is as unique as your business is, and so we’ve built this integration to capture the custom settings you have already created. Automatically apply your different Project templates to Deals or toggle between your custom Pipedrive pipelines at the click of a button. You can also instruct the integration on which of your Pipedrive Activities should automatically generate as Tasks in Forecast, to avoid your Project view from becoming inundated with items that your project teams don’t need to see.

A Match Made in Heaven

By eliminating the need to duplicate admin between Pipedrive and Forecast, your teams will save errors, frustration - and win back valuable time. Every moment spent duplicating data is time that could be spent on something meaningful, like progressing projects or chasing a lead. Free up your team’s time by implementing our Pipedrive integration today.

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