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How Sales and Customer Success at Forecast Use Forecast


For an inter-connected commercial team of marketing, sales, and customer success to work, having an effective shared collaborative platform is paramount. Staying up-to-date on projects across teams, being able to move cards around, comment, mention, and refer back to specific cases is easier with the same foundation at hand. If you're interested in finding out more, check out how Developers or Marketing team use Forecast.

This interview will take the base in Sales and Customer Success specifically. However, if you're interested in knowing more from the Marketing side of things, you can do so here.

Why should a Sales and Customer Success team use Forecast?

To answer this question, we've got Jacek in Business Development & Customer Success.


He says, "We love to use Forecast to collaborate with our colleagues from different departments. Specifically, Sales collaborates with Customer Success and Marketing everyday."

Jacek mentions two scenarios of use-cases based on who they're collaborating with.

Firstly, the Customer Success project: "Collaboration based on tickets. In that project, we assign each other to tickets where each ticket represents a request from a particular client. From this, we can keep each other updated on the progress through the amazing comment section."

Secondly, the Marketing project: "We have new approaches to our processes, and that is represented in our projects. Marketing and Sales teams are collaborating to improve and create new internal operations. Each project, in the system, is where we are then able to track progress through tasks and their completion. A role and a person (or persons) are assigned to each task so that we know who will get what done." - Jacek Rusiecki, Business Development & Customer Success

Project 30 30 screeenshot


How are you managing your projects in Forecast?

"One of the many examples of how we manage projects on Forecast is when we onboard a large client. We break down the onboarding into clearly defined phases, which clearly define the customer's expectations resulting in a transparent and successful on-boarding." - Aldo Chavez, Customer Success Manager

Whether you're working exclusively in sales or alongside other departments, using Forecast is an efficient way to get your work done. We see the success of having the overview between three departments and sharing work across projects. Everyone in the office knows what each person is working on so that we stay ahead of our internal deadlines. 

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