Integration with GitHub


New integration incoming! This time we're integrating with GitHub. You'll probably only care about this integration if you work with software development in one way or another, but basically it's the world's leading software development platform for version control using git. You might already have seen our previous post about our integration with GitLab as well. This is an important extension to our integrations catalog, and will make life easier for a lot of developer and management teams out there.

It enables the development team to sync and track pull requests, issues and commits between selected projects in GitHub and Forecast. The status of commits and code issues will also be visible to everybody who needs to stay informed. A checkmark will show if the issue has been built, and on the contrary a red x will show if it has not yet.

After activating the integration, you simply select the repository you wish to connect the project with in Project Settings.

Need help getting started? Read our Help Center article about GitHub.

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