Introducing Expense Reporting: The Easy Way to Manage Your Expense Items


Today, we're announcing the brand new, Expense Reporting. Manage all of your expense items in one easy and integrated flow. From submitting a new expense item, attaching a receipt, adding the markup, to having it approved by a Controller, and then reported. All within the same easy flow.

There are many use cases for expense reporting. How you would use it depends on the nature of your project, but some examples could be, a cost you had for hosting a lunch with your client, renting some equipment you needed for a project, or a third could be buying something for the project on behalf of your client. Now, with the new Expense Reporting in Forecast, you're able to submit the cost, price, and markup directly onto the project budgets.


Creating a new Expense Item is easy. We added the option to create an Expense Item directly from the universal Create button at the top right of Forecast. Clicking this will trigger a new creation box. Here, you can give the expense a name, add a date, and specify the cost, price, and markup of the expense item. As a Controller or above, you'll also have the option to Approve the expense directly from this window.


Collaborators will need to have the expense item approved by a Controller, or above, who are assigned to the project. Expense items belong to projects, not cards. Thus, the process of approving items is done through the Budget tab within a project.


If you want to see all of your own expense items across projects in Forecast, you can do so by navigating to My Profile through the menu in the upper right-hand corner, and going to the tab, My Expenses. Here, you can also view the status of each, and edit a still not approved expense item, if needed.

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