It’s Raining Updates: New Collapsible Menu, New Reports, Simpler Pricing and More...


Announcing updates to Forecast...

New collapsible menu and renaming

Collapsible menu

Collapsible menu

We have updated the left-side menu so that it’s now possible to collapse it so it doesn’t take up so much screen real-estate. 

We have ditched the old naming scheme and updated the menu with new terminology that should make it much easier to navigate even though you’re not a certified Project Manager e.g. Resource Planning have changed name to Schedule as that’s essentially what you can do there. 

Easily switch project

Switch project

Easily switch project

It’s now possible to select a different project without first having to be on the main screen. This makes it much faster to switch between projects if you’re working on multiple things at the same time. When switching between projects it will put on the same exact page in the new project, so no need to go clickety click.

Sprint and project overview reports

Sprint overview report

Sprint overview

Our new project sprint overview report gives a visual explanation of how your project is structured in terms of duration, milestones and sprints.

Tweaks to the story and task windows

Story and task updates

Inline edits

User story and task windows have gotten a tweak so they’re even better and easier to work with. It’s now possible to see the description at all times, which makes it much easier to break down into tasks, all from the same place. Furthermore, editing titles are now done on the title itself instead of in their own fields.


A long standing wish has been to have currencies shown everywhere there’s a monetary number. This is now implemented so it’s possible to set whatever currency your company is using on the company and region details page.

Also, it’s now possible to set the default date and number format for new users. This means that in most cases new users will have the correct settings without doing anything.

Updates to billing

We have simplified our pricing model even further, so now you don’t even have to select a plan. You just pay for the number of Project Managers you have in your account. So no need to pay for 5 PMs if you only use 2. We think this is a much more fair way of paying for the service, completely transparent.

Also you now have the option to pay annually and instantly save 15% on your total bill. This is our way of thanking our longtime committed customers.

All of this is of course put into a completely redone billing window that’s much, much simpler to use.

There are over 50+ other tweaks and improvements throughout Forecast, so please go check it out :)

All of the updates are live for all customers already.

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My name is Niels Frederiksen and I’m co-founder and lead developer in Forecast.

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