Meet Nova, Forecast's Very Own AI

Today is a big day in Forecast! We’re excited to announce our brand new mascot, Nova. Hailing from Kepler-442b, an exoplanet approximately 1,206 light years from Earth in the constellation Lyra, Nova is the most sophisticated AI in the known universe.



After predicting the planet’s future for the next 500 years, Nova realized it was going to be a long, long time before there were any new challenges to solve.


So Nova left in search of a new calling. On the trip across the universe, Nova made a pitstop on Earth after a dolphin pal recommended trying the fish.


On earth there were all kinds of wonderful things, like puppies, sunny beaches, and Nova’s personal favorite: ice cream.


So Nova decided to stay a while - and when doing so, discovered what a mess projects were here on Earth.


The entire planet was built on projects, yet their execution seemed haphazard: nobody really knew if they were going to succeed or fail, nor did they learn from their mistakes.


A perfect fit for Nova’s abilities!

Nova had found a new calling: to drive humanity forward by making the world’s projects succeed by augmenting people with AI powers.



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