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New Investment Leads Forecast to Expand to New Horizons


New investment from Sunstone Technology Ventures and SEED Capital

At Forecast, we're happy to announce that our Copenhagen Startup has raised a $3M seed round investment. Our investment has been led by Christian Jepsen at Sunstone Technology Ventures, with participation from Niels Vejrup Carlsen at SEED Capital and our ever supporting business angel Rasmus Aaen Madsen. It’s an honor to have each of these partners on board, both as investors but also as part of our board.

Thank you to all current and previous angels, board members and investors for believing in us so far: Jonas Schnack, Peter Egehoved, Jens Karstoft, Peter Perregaard, Troels Skjelbo, Søren Jessen Nielsen, and PreeSeed Ventures.

A special thanks to our customers, the recent and the early Forecast-pioneers. On a daily basis, we’re blown away and incredibly thankful for the fantastic input and feedback you’ve provided. Trust us when we say that all input, even the smallest, has been evaluated and shared. Your feedback helps us improve every single day and has led us to keep working on creating the best platform that fits all your needs.

Last but not least a huge thanks to everyone at Team Forecast!
A team of 20+ super-passionate individuals building and growing Forecast not just as a product but as a brand. Every day we push to help our customers simplify project and resource processes that have become way too complicated- not to mention struggling for far too long. We help improve our client's workflows by providing a simple solution for not so simple problems. Helping you find that 'aha' moment brings us so much joy. Your success makes us prouder than you think.

Expanding our Horizons beyond the Nordics 

We've outgrown our current office space, so this financing round helps us to expand to a larger DK office. Additionally, we are expanding to new territory by opening an office in the US. We're thrilled to scale up our world-class team of engineers, designers, marketers, and salespeople. Together we continue to work towards our vision and mission of AI-driven work and project automation.

Forecast is an AI-powered Resource & Project Management Platform for companies that care about delivering projects on-time, on-scope, and within budget. Forecast is an efficient tool for tracking and visualizing your projects, budgets, and resources. First, of it's kind, our AI-powered solution uses Machine learning and Natural Language Processing to learn from your project history to assist you in better understanding your current work. Forecast has helped so many clients minimize their error-prone tasks as well as generate precise estimations for time, budget, and profit.

We’re Hiring
We're looking for unique, driven, and passionate team members to join us. If you are excited about what Forecast is building and you want to embark on our mission to create a better and more automated working day, for people all over the world, visit our career page. There will be more cool stuff coming to a screen near you soon, and we want you to be apart of that journey!

Go, go, Forecasters! Couldn't have done it without you all.

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My name is Dennis Kayser and I’m CEO and co-founder of Forecast. I enjoy helping our customers succeed by building great and innovative software that supports teams in their daily work.

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