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Partnership with IBM through their Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP)


We have partnered with IBM through their Global Entrepreneur program.

The support of IBM, one of the world's largest brand names, is a tremendous pad on the back and really signifies that we have a unique value proposition in the market. So we are very happy to have been selected to be a part of it.

For us, as an algorithm and data-driven company, participating in IBM Global Entrepreneur provides us with support and resources in the areas of: software, expertise, and promotion.

The entrance into the program will definitely have some significant and positive change impacts on our underlying cloud test and production infrastructure, improved SLA's and enhanced integration with IBM software such as DB2.

Participating in the program will also enable us to broaden our exposure to even more global clients.

We look forward to the business partner collaboration!

About the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

IBM knows that working with startups can drive change and that the world's physical systems are being infused with intelligence today. The opportunity to apply information technology to physical infrastructure opens up vast new markets for the IT industry.
Disruptive new technologies create the perfect scenario for innovative entrepreneurs to play a major role. With IBM's unique vision of a smarter planet, IBM are looking to team with entrepreneurs who share this vision and want to work together to address this new market opportunity.
IBM Global Entrepreneur has the products, people, and promotion that can help startups extend the size and reach of their company, and help them rise above the rest.
IBM promotes startups and showcases the innovative solutions that they bring to the marketplace.


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