Remove the Noise & View Tasks in a Place Made Especially for You

With tasks piling up, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. Haven’t you dreamt of a place made especially for you, where you can view your tasks and remove the noise around them at the same time? Forecast’s newly released ‘My Work’ page is designed to do exactly that. It takes the stress out of organizing personal tasks, so every team member knows exactly what to work on and when. Packed with great functionalities, the page is a personal dashboard that provides you with a clear overview of your deadlines, weekly stats, and of course the ability to prioritize tasks.

Keep track of personal priorities

Quite a few books have been written on the subject of productivity. Not only are they pointing out where we as humans could be better, but they are also giving good advice on how to ensure you focus on the important stuff. 

One theory I especially like is the idea about the To Don’t list. Among other places, the To Don’t list is introduced in the book Don't Read This Book – Time Management for Creative People (get a sneak peek here).

The theory behind it is that in order to create a laser-focused way of working, you divide all the tasks you need to work on into two lists – a To Do list and a To Don't list. On the To Do list you are only allowed to have three tasks, whereas the rest of the tasks you have to work on that aren’t top priority, will go on the To Don’t list. As soon as you’ve finished one task on the To Do list, you can either add one of the tasks from the To Don’t list or, if needed, add an incoming task.

The ‘My Work’ page is a brilliant page for prioritizing your work and introducing the thought of the To Do and To Don't list. It presents you with all tasks for this week, the future tasks, or the ones that are overdue. More so, it also gives you the option to ‘star’ tasks and make your own To Do list of things you need to work on. We’ve seen several customers use it differently, but most importantly they’ve all said that the overview of the tasks has helped them stay focused and keep on track despite the abundance of work.

My Tasks

Monitor weekly progress

Not only does the ‘My Work’ page give you a better overview of all tasks – when they are due and what to prioritize – it also gives you the ability to monitor your weekly progress. You can see the total amount of deadlines and monitor how many you’ve already met. I guess you will, like a lot of Forecasters did, start striving to get those numbers up. Addressing everyone’s needs, it will satisfy the individual team members and help the company to increase billable hours and keep productivity high by reducing idle time.

Spend time on valuable things

Like with the rest of the platform, you don't have to navigate from one page to another to do your daily tasks. At the ‘My Work’ page, you can monitor this week’s time entries and register time on specific tasks. You’ll see that our AI has made it easy for you by pre-filling the boxes with the time you normally log on similar tasks. Hit “Add” and move on to the next task. 

Letting you fly right into productive work, ‘My Work’ is made with the vision to help you and your team members get off the ground the best way possible. Try it out today and be in the fast lane of companies increasing productivity every day.

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