FINALLY Agency Decreases Workweeks by More Than 30%

FINALLY & Forecast joint Webinar - From Chaos to Calm
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Marketing & Advertising
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Canterbury, UK
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22 employees


Meet FINALLY Agency, an award-winning British agency known for its approach to helping engineering and manufacturing companies grow via dedicated marketing efforts.

Before choosing Forecast, the agency struggled with a lot of overhead and vague visibility into how it affected profitability. They decided to search for a project management solution that could help them gain visibility into the entire process and found Forecast.

We've spoken with Steve Howard, CEO & Charlotte Collier, Head of Operations, on how FINALLY Agency has managed to turn the agency into a thriving business, triple in size while becoming more operationally efficient.

Meet Steve, Charlotte, and Forecast's EB in a conversation about:

  • The shift from a small business mentality into a thriving agency
  • How balanced workloads make everyone happy
  • How Finally Agency managed to reduce the workweek from 50+ to 35 hours
  • The way they have tripled the size of the agency
  • How Forecast has supported them in delivering better services

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