AI, Automation, and Analytics: 3 Key Trends Agencies Can Leverage to Optimize Operations

The last few years of ups and downs in the market have made it clear that the “new normal”; is constant change. But how can agencies prepare when the future is so uncertain?
In the face of this uncertainty, leading agencies are applying AI, automation, and analytics to optimize operations, connect the dots and ensure successful project delivery.
Watch Melanie Lawn, Chief Revenue Officer at Forecast, and Lara Mourra, VP of Product at Thrillworks as they discuss three trends agencies are leveraging to get ahead in the coming year. In this webcast, they  cover:

  • Practical ways to use AI to boost efficiency. 
  • How to ensure you hire at the right time to meet client demand without overstaffing. 
  • Key data and analytics to help you improve profit margin.