2020: Here's to Another Great Year in Forecast

2020: Another Successful Year in Forecast


My name is Dennis, I’m the CEO of Forecast.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances of a global pandemic facing us all in 2020, I’m really happy - because it’s been a fantastic year for Forecast.

At Forecast we’re building an AI-native platform that represents the most advanced technology ever applied to managing projects, resources, and finances.

Our platform automates busywork, predicts outcomes, guides projects to success, and most importantly empowers every single one of our customers to do their best work.

Especially in 2020, technology adoption has rapidly accelerated for all of our customers. These are the times where disparate solutions and spreadsheets show their limitations and start cracking at the seams.

Forecast has never grown faster than we did this year, we’re currently growing more than 10% month over month and have more than doubled our business since January.


Hundreds of new customers from around the globe have joined us. This equates to thousands of people across over 35 countries and all 24 timezones, that rely on Forecast on a daily basis. Thank you for putting your trust in us, to help you operate your business more efficiently.

This underpins our belief in letting technology do what it does best, so humans can do what they do best.

Over the past year we’ve also more than doubled the number of Forecasters and now have offices in both Copenhagen and London. When the pandemic hit, we didn’t slow down hiring one bit. We kept pressing on and added more people to the team. This has paid off hugely and made us resilient. 

In addition we’ve also been fortunate to add some amazing talent to our executive team. Rob Massa joined as CRO in May and Damantha Boteju as our new CTO in December.

Lauren McGuire also joined as our head of sales and has taken her team to constant new heights.

On the AI side, our AI auto-scheduling and AI driven timesheets were both launched, and the team has ever since worked on making them even more accurate as well as thinking of new areas for automation. In fact, 88% of our customers now see improved workflows and processes due to our unique AI features.

On the product side we’ve launched a mass of both new and improved functionality, helping users all the way from individual collaborators to C-level decision makers. Empowering every person to do the best work of their lives.

Specifically, we’re now rolling out our new baseline functionality that will enable a 360 degree view of plan vs actuals, profitability and deliverability, linking it all back to your CRM.

Connectivity wise, we launched massive updates on our Jira, Azure Devops, Quickbooks, and XERO connectors, as well as ADO. We released our first ERP connector to Unit4 enabling a seamless integration between ERP data and Forecast. 3rd party connectors, with seamless data flows, are extremely important, as they ultimately enable our customers to use Forecast as a real-time control tower of their entire business.

We also implemented a continuous release process that enables us to automatically release new versions of Forecast more than 10 times a day. The team is producing a lot of code at a higher quality than ever, and we’re focusing on continuing this trend of more new high quality features, as requested by our global customer base .

To round things off, I’d like to thank everyone on the team for being amazing and delivering such an incredible product all the way through to marketing, sales and CS. Our fantastic investors who believe in our ability to build a product that transforms an entire industry. Without you, all we wouldn’t be here.

I’m looking forward to an even more exciting 2021. We have tons of things planned for the product, many more people to hire, many more customers to help, and will continue our journey towards upending an entire industry at lightning speed.

Come join us on the Forecast journey, it’s a fantastic ride!

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My name is Dennis Kayser and I’m CEO and co-founder of Forecast. I enjoy helping our customers succeed by building great and innovative software that supports teams in their daily work.

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