Simple timesheets, advanced reporting

Register time and build a solid foundation for accurate reporting

Facilitate time registrations

Enhance the speed of registering time with AI showing you the tasks you’ve recently worked on and suggesting hours or even minutes you usually register on similar tasks. Easily customize the view of the timesheets and register time in a day, week, or month view.

Forecast Timesheet with celendar and AI suggested tasks

Track non-project time

Capture non-billable work to minimize financial risks. Have your teams register time invested in internal activities spent away from project tasks, such as meetings, training, sick leaves, etc. See time reserved for vacation weeks ahead.

New Time Entry

Get a holistic snapshot of the entire team’s timesheets

Monitor the big picture of time registrations and zero in on where everyone’s time is going. Notify employees if any time entries are missing from their timesheets sending reminders straight into their mailbox.


Set real-time reports in motion

Get moment-to-moment consistent progress insights on a portfolio or project level. Make sure each task, milestone, or project is firing as planned and quickly gauge what needs your attention upfront.

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Reports 2

Bill for what you do

Save time by generating instantly prepopulated invoices and get paid for the work done. See payments reflected directly in the project budget and benefit from transparency into billable utilization.

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Overview Xero

Report time even on the go

Never miss a time entry again with the easy way of registering time all over the platform and via the native mobile app.

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The team is finding Timesheets very user-friendly, the interface is a lot more modern, built-in to the project. 

Stacey— Finance Manager
Etain Software

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