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Forecast's inclusive platform brought about a new work process


Matt Nelson
Head of Operations


 Asset industry Digital Agency    Asset location London, UK    Asset employees 11-50 employees     Asset website

Holition is a creative innovation agency: part think tank, part digital studio. Holition creates the interactions of today by engineering the experiences of tomorrow with in-house retail experts, scientists, film-makers, artists, mathematicians, UX designers, technologists and other curious minds, united by a digitally empathetic approach to consumer experiences. 

Exploring the options to fulfill their needs

When Matt, Head of Operations, started at Holition, a project management tool was not used company-wide. Matt describes that work process as “a bit ad hoc,” and there were only about 15-20 people in the agency at that time. Now, Holition has grown their services and have seen significant benefits from implementing Forecast.The process for implementing and finding a new tool was not an easy one for Matt.

We previously used JIRA and Confluence and I found that the adoption rate was very poor, and it wasn’t usable for non-development teams. It didn’t offer many features we were seeking out, which became invaluable for our business in terms of holidays, expense management, high-level planning, roadmap making, timeline planning, resource management, and budgeting.” -Matt Nelson, Head of Operations

After a year and a half of struggling with Jira, Matt thought they should try Trello because it had a lot of cross-platform integrations and in his opinion, it was “dead simple to use.” Even though the adoption rate increased dramatically, Matt found that his time was taken up with mostly managing how different teams used Trello. He tried to show and prove how Trello could be implemented for each specific project but because it didn’t offer the complexities that they need, Matt was stuck in between two tools. “Trello didn’t have the different levels of insights that JIRA offered like user stories and cross-project. In addition, we were missing a timeline view of all of our projects and pipeline,” says Matt.


"We were missing a timeline view of all of our projects and pipeline." - Matt Nelson, Head of Operations, Holition


Selecting the right tool

Finding a new solution is never easy, although, Matt was very methodological and diligent with his approach. Three requirements shaped Matt’s decision-making process: 

  1. Can we use it with any kind of project we do?
  2. Can anyone use it and do they want to?
  3. Can it give us reports and show the big picture?

Firstly, the platform must be customizable to fit Holition’s agile way of working. Managers needed a high-level overview with implementing the least amount of platforms. Lastly, to have a high adoption rate across the company, Matt needed the tool to be user-friendly, visually appealing UI, with varying permissions levels for team members.

Forecast preferred from 50 other tools

After looking at a number of review sites, Matt started from 50 and narrowed down to five. Although those three requirements influenced his decision-making process, Matt was also evaluating how mature the company was, if they had an active blog, cost efficiency, and friendly and responsive customer service. 

I made a gigantic spreadsheet, and I matched what my requirements were up with all the prospecting tools. I then matched up the different kinds of software, and I found the one that fit the best with our needs and Forecast fulfilled 85% of my needs.” -Matt Nelson, Head of Operations

Implementing Time Management for Holition

Holition was searching for an inclusive solution to support their business operations. They required that the tool could provide project management, personal task management, team management, company-wide management, budgeting across projects and clients, as well as either integrating with their HR tool or offer expenses and holiday tracking. Time tracking, for Holition, would be newly implemented company-wide and would account for across projects, clients, teams, individuals, and task’s tags. Matt saw value in time reporting as a new internal process as the goal was to have time registrations contribute to the personal review and development of their teams.

As Holition grew, they wanted to avoid reducing the quality of their value-driven collaborative approach. Having a tool that provided them with customizability, high-level overview and usability made it much more manageable to provide distinguishable quality in every project. Implementing time tracking not only brought a new degree of efficiency, knowing how much time went to specific tasks, but their teams were developing better together. With Forecast, they can efficiently deliver exceptional bespoke projects using unique storytelling with augmented reality. 

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