Bamboo + Forecast

Integrate BambooHR and Forecast for better visibility of your project pipeline in Forecast.

Get better visibility of your project resources

Align your resources and projects with BambooHR and Forecast. The integration lets you turn BambooHR-approved time-off requests into the resource heatmap, so you can get better visibility and more accurately plan your available resources. With the approved time-off sync from BambooHR, you now have a single point of truth for approved time-off requests without updating separate systems.

Sync important time-off information from BambooHR

Once you set up the BambooHR and Forecast integration, you can align your time-off categories by importing or linking them from BambooHR. Your Forecast timesheets will then show all your corresponding categories from BambooHR.

Getting started

If you're on a Plus plan, you can set up the integration from the Forecast integration catalog.

This integration eliminates the need to enter data twice and provides hassle-free, up-to-date information. You get a single source of truth with approved time off and an improved view of your resource heatmap.