Harvest + Forecast

Connect time and invoicing

Bring Forecast project management and deep AI planning capabilities to Harvest with this integration. Connect Forecast to Harvest with one click. It’s two-way sync that connects all your Harvested time with projects and tasks in Forecast.

Forecast lets you manage projects predictably using your method of choice (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, etc.). The combination of Harvest and Forecast lets you get rid of tons of manual work!


Sync your tracked time between Harvest and Forecast

Integrating Harvest and Forecast makes your workflow a little bit easier. You no longer need to continuously switch between different applications to manage tasks, time registrations and invoicing. The integration with Harvest connects your project & resource management tool directly with your Harvest account.

The usual flow here would be to manage projects, incl. scope and tasks, time estimations, reported hours, and budget in Forecast. Your financial data needed for the billing will automatically get transferred to your Harvest account, and all that's left to do is to review and send the invoice.

Scope your project in Forecast to create a sales proposal based on real objective data from your organization. Using Insights in Forecast gives you a real-time look into individual projects, people, the entire portfolio, or the business overall at any time.