Trello + Forecast

Import your data in just one click

Import all your Trello data to Forecast's comprehensive platform and enjoy having your past, present, and future projects aligned in one unified solution.

Connect reporting, financials, and resource planning with your project management

See a familiar workflow in a Kanban view, where users, comments, and labels are added, so you can start running your project with utilization and profitability in mind. Simply import your Trello boards, add start and end dates, and you are ready to start managing projects in Forecast.

Import all important elements of your project

The import makes it possible for you to import your Trello Boards with users, comments, deadlines and even labels. Once imported, in Forecast, you will find a project in planning stage for each of your Trello boards. So, the only thing you need to do is set a start and an end date for the project, and then you are ready to work, allocate people and see how it affects your project portfolio. Benefit from having similar workflow with high usability and much more organized.