Top 10 Agile Project Management Tools

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In the evolving landscape of Agile project management, tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency and decision-making are increasingly crucial. 

These tools not only support the Agile methodology but also introduce innovative ways to predict project outcomes, automate tasks, and optimize resource allocation.

1. Forecast

Forecast is a cutting-edge AI-powered project management tool designed to improve project planning, resource management, and decision-making through intelligent automation and predictive insights.

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Key Features

  • AI-driven resource allocation and project planning
  • A focus on increasing profitability and financial success
  • Predictive analytics for project timelines, budgeting, and risk assessment

Why we chose it

Forecast's use of AI to automate and predict aspects of project management sets it apart as a forward-thinking tool that can significantly enhance productivity and project outcomes. Its ability to provide real-time insights and forecasts makes it invaluable for teams looking to stay ahead in their project execution.

Guide Pricing

Pricing information is available upon request, with various plans tailored to meet different organizational needs.

2. Jira Software

Jira Software is renowned for its robust issue and project tracking features, supporting teams in managing complex software development projects with agility.

Welcome to Jira Software | Atlassian

Key Features

  • Customizable Scrum and Kanban boards
  • Agile reporting tools for detailed insights into team performance and project progress
  • Integration with a wide array of development tools for seamless workflow management

Why we chose it

Jira Software's comprehensive toolset and flexibility make it a top choice for teams dedicated to Agile methodologies, offering detailed tracking and reporting functionalities to monitor every aspect of a project.

Guide Pricing

Pricing starts at $7.50 per user/month for the Standard plan and $14.50 per user/month for the Premium plan.

3. Trello

Trello's visually intuitive boards and simple interface cater to teams seeking an easy-to-use tool for managing tasks and projects in an Agile framework.

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Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop Kanban boards for task management
  • Customizable cards for detailed task specifications
  • Wide-ranging integrations for enhanced functionality and collaboration

Why we chose it

Trello is favored for its simplicity and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for teams that need a straightforward, yet effective Agile project management solution.

Guide Pricing

Free for basic use, with Business Class at $10 per user/month and Enterprise pricing available upon request.

4. Asana

Asana stands out for its versatility, catering to both traditional and Agile project management with features that support detailed task management and team collaboration.

Agile Project Management Software & Tool • Asana

Key Features

  • Multiple view options including list, board, and calendar
  • Automated workflows to reduce manual tasks
  • Comprehensive integration capabilities for a connected workspace

Why we chose it

Asana's adaptability and wide range of features make it ideal for various teams and projects, offering a balanced approach to planning, tracking, and executing tasks.

Guide Pricing

The basic version is free, with Premium at $10.99 per user/month and Business at $24.99 per user/month

5. is celebrated for its adaptability and user-friendly interface, allowing teams to tailor their project management practices with a high degree of flexibility, aligning with Agile principles and beyond.

Introduction To Agile Project Management

Key Features

  • Customizable boards for various project management needs
  • Automation to streamline workflows and reduce manual tasks
  • Integration capabilities with popular tools for a seamless workflow

Why we chose it's versatility and ease of customization make it a powerful tool for teams seeking to craft their unique workflows while ensuring effective collaboration and project tracking.

Guide Pricing

Pricing starts at $8 per seat/month, with multiple tiers to accommodate different team sizes and needs.

6. ClickUp

ClickUp is known for its comprehensive suite of features, catering to virtually any project management requirement. Its all-in-one platform approach is designed to increase productivity and streamline project execution.

Agile Meetings: What Are They & How to Manage Them | ClickUp

Key Features

  • Highly customizable task and project management options
  • Built-in docs, goals, and chat for centralized communication
  • Extensive automation and integration capabilities

Why we chose it

ClickUp stands out for its ability to consolidate various project management and productivity tools into a single platform, reducing the need for external apps and facilitating a more integrated team workflow.

Guide Pricing

There's a free version available, with paid plans starting at $5 per member/month.

7. VersionOne

VersionOne offers specialized support for enterprise-level Agile and DevOps transformations, providing comprehensive tooling for planning, tracking, and reporting across multiple teams and projects.

VersionOne Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2024

Key Features

  • Supports various Agile frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe
  • Enterprise-level reporting and analytics for visibility across all projects
  • Collaboration tools tailored for Agile development teams

Why we chose it

VersionOne is particularly effective for large organizations looking to scale Agile practices, offering the depth and breadth of features needed to manage complex software development projects at scale.

Guide Pricing

Pricing details are provided upon request, tailored to the size and needs of the enterprise.

8. AgileCraft (now Jira Align)

Jira Align is built to help enterprises scale Agile practices across the organization, connecting business strategy to technical execution and providing insights at every level of the enterprise.

The Power of Roadmaps In Jira Align

Key Features

  • Comprehensive alignment of strategy with execution in real-time
  • Detailed reporting and analytics for enterprise-wide visibility
  • Support for multiple Agile frameworks, including SAFe, LeSS, and DaD

Why we chose it

For organizations committed to implementing Agile at scale, Jira Align offers the strategic planning and alignment tools necessary to ensure the success of large-scale Agile transformations.

Guide Pricing

Pricing is available upon request, considering the specific needs and scale of the organization.

9. Axosoft

Axosoft is a Scrum software tool focused on bug tracking, project management, and release planning, designed specifically for software development teams.

Axosoft -

Key Features

  • Detailed Scrum and Kanban boards for sprint planning
  • Comprehensive bug and issue tracking system
  • Release planning tools for accurate project forecasting

Why we chose it

Axosoft's focused approach on software development projects and its robust Scrum support make it an ideal choice for development teams looking for a tool that caters specifically to their Agile workflow needs.

Guide Pricing

Pricing starts at $25 per user/month, with discounts available for academic organizations and non-profits.

10. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is designed to foster collaboration and transparency in software development projects, offering a shared, dynamic view of team priorities and project progress.

Pivotal Tracker Pricing, Cost & Reviews - Capterra UK 2024

Key Features

  • Story-based project planning for detailed task management
  • Workspace divisions for handling multiple projects simultaneously
  • Analytics for tracking team performance and project trends

Why we chose it

Pivotal Tracker's unique approach to project management encourages a focus on continuous delivery and adaptability, making it particularly suited for development teams committed to Agile methodologies.

Guide Pricing

Free for individual use and small teams, with paid plans starting at $10/month for additional features and larger team support.

Our Summary

The landscape of Agile project management tools is rich and varied, offering solutions that cater to the diverse needs of teams and organizations. From AI-driven forecasting and automation in tools like Forecast to specialized software development platforms like Axosoft and Pivotal Tracker, the right tool can significantly enhance project efficiency, team collaboration, and overall project success. Teams are encouraged to evaluate these tools based on their specific project requirements, team size, and budget to find the perfect match for their Agile journey.

3 Main Benefits of Agile Project Management Software with AI

  1. Predictive Planning and Analytics: AI-driven tools provide forecasts on project timelines, budgets, and potential risks, enabling teams to proactively address issues and adjust plans accordingly.
  2. Intelligent Automation: From resource allocation to task prioritization, AI enhances efficiency by automating decision-making processes based on data, reducing manual effort and the potential for human error.
  3. Enhanced Resource Management: AI capabilities allow for more effective resource management, matching tasks with the team members best suited to them based on skills, availability, and past performance.


How important is integration capability in selecting an Agile project management tool?

Very important. Integration with other tools (like version control, CI/CD, communication platforms) ensures a seamless workflow, reduces data silos, and enhances team productivity.

Can small businesses benefit from Agile project management tools?

Absolutely. Many Agile project management tools offer scalable solutions that can fit the needs and budgets of small businesses, helping them stay organized, agile, and competitive.

What should I look for in an Agile project management tool if we're new to Agile?

Look for tools with intuitive interfaces, educational resources, and good customer support to help your team adopt Agile practices more easily. Additionally, flexibility in project management methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) can allow your team to experiment and find what works best for you.

How does AI in project management tools improve project outcomes?

AI improves project outcomes by providing predictive insights, automating routine tasks, and optimizing resource allocation, which helps teams to meet deadlines, stay within budget, and reduce the risk of project failure.

Can AI project management tools replace human project managers?

No, AI tools are designed to assist and augment the capabilities of human project managers, not replace them. They provide valuable data and insights, automate repetitive tasks, and help with decision-making, allowing project managers to focus on strategy and leadership.

Are AI-powered project management tools more expensive than traditional ones?

The cost varies depending on the tool and its feature set. While AI features may lead to a higher price point for some tools, the increased efficiency and improved decision-making capabilities can offer significant return on investment for organizations.

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