Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast:
Why Culture is Integral for Project Success

Forecast events bring together top thinkers across the worlds of technology, services, agencies, and consulting to discuss new ways of working and how to get the best out of your team whilst driving efficiency and building a great place to work. 

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“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast | Why culture is integral to project success”

Watch to hear from four top agency founders Liam Snelling, Suzanne Linton, Sean Sweet and Jason Knight as they discuss how they have built winning cultures, totally individual to their agencies.

Hosting the panel was Jeremy Roche, technology entrepreneur and Non Executive Director of Forecast.


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Sean Sweet

Co-Founder & Managing Director 


Sean is Co-Founder and MD of Blend and is responsible for the development of a high-performing, commercially-aware team of marketing professionals. Before Blend, Sean was involved in a variety of business ventures and has built up a wealth of knowledge around business processes, finance, marketing, operations and company development. Sean strongly believes that organisational health has a direct affect on profitability and a company cannot be considered great without having a great culture too.


Suzanne Linton

Co-Founder & Managing Director 


Suzanne is Co-Founder and MD of Freestyle – the digital product studio that brings clarity to complexity, creating memorable customer experiences. A chartered accountant (who had to start her own agency to escape from the finance team) and a swimming Masters European Record holder, Suzanne brings her view on how a focus on building a strong team of individuals will deliver a great business result. Freestyle is 25 years old, going from the spare bedroom to converted barns, and over that time has had to evolve both its proposition as well as the way the team works together. Through growth and contraction and back to growth, Suzanne has built the team and culture of her dreams, and remained sane in the process.


Liam Snelling 

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Digital Detox

Liam is Co-Founder and MD at Digital Detox. With over 15 years of experience helping organisations achieve their business goals, he is now leading on reducing the carbon footprint of digital through awareness, training, and recommendations to the industry. Digital Detox is a humanity-led digital product agency harnessing technology to benefit people and the planet. Their company culture revolves around the three core pillars: people, projects and planet. Digital Detox has always been a people-first business, and believe the power of their team is their most important asset and as a result, their wellbeing is their primary focus. 


 Jason Knight

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer 

Lucky Beard

Jason is a trusted advisory and strategist. Jason's career spans 18 years, 3 continents and all major industries. He is the CoFounder and CSO of global design agency Lucky Beard. Lucky Beard is a strategic, entrepreneurially minded agency with diverse skills, perspectives, backgrounds and talents. Culture is one of the organisation's leading strategic objectives helping them to retain clients for many years. Additionally, Lucky Beard leverage tools that allow them to work with a global mindset, collaborating across their homes in London, Dublin and South Africa, as one force. 


Jeremy Roche 

Non Executive Director | Founder & Ex-CEO 


Jeremy is Chairman, Non-Executive Director, or advisor to a number of, scale-up, startup and established technology businesses backed by Private Equity and Venture Capital. He has over 30 years of experience of growing public and private technology companies globally, including as CEO of Coda Plc, Founder and CEO of, Inc and COO and CPO of Unit4 NV. Now, as a Non-Executive Director of Forecast, Jeremy uses his world-class experience of growing multi-million dollar technology businesses to offer strategic direction to Forecast as we continue to expand and disrupt the market of AI-native software. Jeremy became passionate about Forecast after seeing the emphasis we put on people, culture and autonomy as he believes this is the foundation of any high achieving, global organisation.