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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence it all witchcraft? 

AI is quickly becoming a regular part of everyone's day to day, I'm sure in the last 24 hours you may have used the Maps feature on your phone...? (Only mum and dad are glued to the Atlas still!) But you're not now viewed as an expert navigator, are you?

Well, it's the same premise in the professional world. AI is a necessary and prominent part of modern day businesses. And using AI properly can make your teams expert planners (without actually being so).

Thrilled to have had on the panel: 

  • Kiranan Luxmy, Founder and CEO of Grafikr 
  • Sharon Van Der Vet, Head of Delivery at Sagittarius 
  • Glenn More, Studio Manager at Hallam

Watch now to hear the discussion and have your AI myths busted! 🧙‍♀️



Watch the recording! 

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Learn more about our speakers:

Dainius Kniuksta

Artificial Intelligence Product Lead @ Forecast

Dainius is a tech enthusiast with digital product and platform management, strategy, development, team leadership, and ad tech / log tech / PSA focused Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experience. Having spoken at multiple technology and digital conferences around Europe and Africa, he is very much looking forward to hosting this 'Demystifying A.I.' webinar discussion. 

As A.I. Product Lead at Forecast he is steadily maximising the intelligent nature of our project management solution to benefit businesses around the world. 

Kiranan Luxmy 

Founder & CEO of Grafikr 

Kiranan has a huge interest in software and the use of software as a core of the business. Among these, Kiranan believes that A.I. is the tool and method to create a better relationship with client, because you spend the time discussing valuable things - and not calculating and making gut feeling decisions.

Sharon Van Der Vet 

Head of Delivery @ Sagittarius 


Glenn More 

Studio Manager @ Hallam 


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