Forecast events bring together top thinkers across the worlds of technology, services, agencies, and consulting to discuss new ways of working and how to get the best out of your team whilst driving efficiency and building a great place to work. 

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'Knowing your Niche' | How to break through the crowded consultancy market’ 

This esteemed panel is made up of Consulting experts Emily Popp, Director of Operations at MGMT3D, Luk Smeyers, Founder of The Visible Authority, Sheryl Newman, CEO of Appetite for Business, Darin Brown, Project and Operations Lead at Aizan Technologies and Dennis Kayser, Founder and CEO of Forecast.

These experts have spent their careers establishing themselves as specialists within their areas, to be seen as trusted advisors to their clients. During the webinar our panel will be discussing how to:

  • Be a practitioner, not a generalist
  • Ask the right questions, as opposed to having all of the answers
  • Maximise delivery whilst maintaining employee wellbeing
  • Maintain a healthy pipeline and manage that pipeline with the right resources
  • Build long term client relationships and support ongoing business transformation.

Whether you work for a large or small consultancy, or are self employed, this is sure to be a thought provoking panel with key action takeaways not to be missed!

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