Forecast events bring together top thinkers across the worlds of technology, services, agencies, and consulting to discuss new ways of working and how to get the best out of your team whilst driving efficiency and building a great place to work. 

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'Cactus | Forecast: The State of Agency Service Delivery in the UK ’ 

Forecast & Cactus, the UK’s leading agency growth advisory consultancy, partnered to create a survey which has caused agencies to reflect and think about the ways they may need to improve their service delivery. 

This webinar will be a presentation of the interesting findings and be a chance for us to share some great ideas and initiatives around how you can continuously improve all aspects of your service delivery at your agency.

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'Change, Evolution, Consistency, Success: Exploring Real Life Examples of Change Management'

On International Project Management Day | 4th November Customer Experience Director, Aldo Chavez, will be hosting a webinar with Joanne Reid, Delivery Director at Graphite Digital all about how to make change and transformation as seamless as possible.

Change and transformation are part of the day to day of our dedicated Customer Experience Managers at Forecast. Onboarding new software has to be done right, not fast. If you're asking your teams to effectively forget every process they have known since being at your business, you need to get their buy in and that's not always easy. 

Sign up to listen to the hosts and four fantastic panelists: Jessica Rasmussen, Director of Project Management at Newcity, Mallory Kryklywyj, Project Management Lead at Pixel Union, Alison Riveira Chief Delivery Officer at PeakActivity and Elizabeth Austin Business Development Manager at Brigade.

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