Asana + Forecast

Moving from Asana to AI-powered project management in Forecast with ease

Missing out AI and connectivity using Asana for project management? With the Asana integration, you can easily import your projects and team members from Asana to Forecast and benefit from the automation of day-to-day project management tasks.

Easily set it up and see your projects and team members reflected in Forecast within seconds. Forecast provides you with a holistic overview and visibility across every part of every project that you’ve planned or worked on.


Import your projects for better planning across projects, tasks, team members, and future initiatives

When sending your project data from Asana to Forecast, you choose what projects you want to import. Selecting a few or all, you’ll see them reflected as projects in Forecast with tasks and team members. The team members that are assigned to the project will appear as virtual users. Define if you want to give them access to Forecast by changing their permission level and invite them to Forecast. Or simply keep them as virtual users for the purpose of planning. If you choose the last part, you’ll especially benefit from seeing them on the specific tasks and get an overview of how they are allocated in the Schedule view.

Start working right away when the import is complete – either on your existing projects or by scoping out new ones.