GoSimplo + Forecast

Get a complete overview of your company without any hassle. GoSimplo is an easy-to-use dashboard tool that combines your data from Forecast and finance system into one source of truth.
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GoSimplo is the only tool you need to get an overview of your business performance. By connecting Forecast with GoSimplo you get impressive, intuitive, and effective dashboards based on the data you already have in Forecast. Simple and easy with only a few clicks!

With GoSimplo’s dashboards, you are always on top of how your team, projects, and clients are performing. Combine it with your company’s finance system for a complete overview.

What is GoSimplo?


Application Summary:

Easy to understand
GoSimplo provides business data in a way that is easy to understand. Delivered with professional visuals and intuitive overviews, our dashboards create clarity and valuable insights for both employees and external stakeholders.

Always up to date
Our dashboards are created in real-time and are always up to date, making sure you have the most recent data at hand. No more reports with outdated key figures—get the insights you need fast and reliably.

From overview to deep insights
GoSimplo’s dashboards make it possible to quickly go from overview to more detailed information layers in an easy way. All key figures have a story to tell. We help you unfold it.

Get on top of the trends
Stay ahead of the curve with our forecasting. Our dashboards will not only give you the historical information you need, but it also tells you where you are heading and if you are on the right path.

Application Benefits:

  • Business Intelligence reporting in 5. minutes - from sign-up to ready dashboards
  • Free trial and prices starting from €15
  • No upfront investment/implementation fee
  • No technical skills are required or the need to hire external consultants
  • Combine multiple data sources, providing the complete overview
  • Cancel the subscription anytime

To set up, sign up to GoSimplo and connect with Forecast using an API key.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the GoSimplo for Forecast integration, visit the support page or email the GoSimplo team at hello@gosimplo.com.



This app integration was built by a third-party developer. Forecast does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this integration.

Contact the app developer for details and support.