pi-novaTaking a Forensic Approach to
Business Data:

How to Spy Out the Need for Customizable Reporting 🔎

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Taking a Forensic Approach to Business Data:

How to Spy Out the Need for Customizable Reporting 🔎

As organizations evolve, their need for data reporting evolves as well. 

🐒 It starts initially, with the need for Project Management software for task management & resource allocation. 

👤 But, over time, more reporting pillars are required. Reporting that lies on the task level,  to give you project-wide insights. This allows businesses to better their project work exponentially...  

🦾  Then welcome to the present day! Your organization has totally revolutionized the way you run projects and established amazing client relationships.

But now, to take it to the next level, you require advanced analytics and customizable reporting to offer you company-wide insights!

How do you spy out the right time for this evolution? Are there clues to look for?

We are bringing together an expert panel to discuss how Remarkable Group and Holition recognized this internal evolution. In 2022, they are taking their Forecast data and using it to rocket them into the future! 🚀

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Learn more about our speakers:

Ciara McKibbin 

Commercial Customer Success Lead at Forecast


Andrew Reeves 

Group CFO at Remarkable Group 


Amalie Kaysen

VP of Product at Forecast 

Amalie is leading the charge of Forecast's Product strategy. She is hugely passionate about the interplay between technology and business and strives to work closely with Forecast customers to understand their needs and therefore makes informed decisions about the future of the product strategy accordingly. 

Amalie has a career background of Consulting, Strategy & Insights. She graduated with a degree in Product Development and Innovation from The University of Denmark and has achieved a masters degree in Engineering Management from The Technical University of Denmark. 

Matt Nelson

Head of Operations at Holition

Matt is Head Operations at Holition, a London based 'creative innovation agency'. The team manages all services in-house including market research, creative content design, technical R&D, AI and augmented reality. The agency works with global B2B luxury groups and Matt, being Head of Operations, ensures the successful delivery of quality services and products to their high-profile clients such as Burberry and Rolls Royce.

Holition is a long standing Forecast client and over the last 2 years have built up a network of project and financial data in Forecast allowing them to accurately report on the state of their projects. In 2022, they recognized a business need for more customizable, company-wide reporting to give them actionable insights.