Make Every Project Profitable with Baseline

Align teams around a common understanding of the budget and scope
to satisfy the client’s vision and remain profitable in the end.

Unparalleled ease of use

Calculate cost, revenue, and profit in just seconds thanks to deep connectivity and a clean and brilliantly simple UI.

Realistic project plans

Outline the phases and roles of a project and benefit from seeing the expected finances and roles involved. The Baseline project plan can be made with the level of detail you prefer.

Aligned teams from the get-go

Keep everyone on the same page with clear visibility into what was sold and what is being planned to deliver to fulfil client expectations. Measure the accuracy of the initial quote against final project delivery.

End-to-end visibility

Compare your Baseline against scope and actuals at every stage of the project in a single, live-updated view. See early on when there’s just no way to line up the price with the expectations.

Future revenue forecast

Build a prediction of future revenue based on the opportunities in your sales pipeline. Win probabilities give a useable forecast of upcoming finances across the portfolio.

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With Baseline, Forecast has just solved 30% of our communication problems.

Nathalie Debuhan— VP of Operations,

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