Advanced utilization reporting

Your team members' utilization data across the entire organization

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Monitor billable utilization

Measure how productively the business is performing against your utilization targets. Capture and report on your organization's billing efficiency or total resource utilization.

billable utilization


Actual utilization


Compare planned vs actual utilization

Keep an eye on how productive you expect your resources to be and compare it to their actual performance. Balance peaks and troughs of resource activity.

Get robust utilization data you need

Customize your utilization report to keep tabs on the data that matters the most to you and your organization. Save, export, and share the report with other stakeholders. 


9.Filters and views


Forecasted Billable Utilization


Predict resource demand

Gain visibility into your team’s present and future capacity to make smarter hiring decisions when taking new projects.

Improve capacity planning

Predict when it's feasible to get your hands on more projects. Allocate resources to projects based on their skills, counting current and future workloads.



Utilization Details - Task Al


Demystify what's impacting company utilization

Get a bird's eye view of your resources. Use Forecast's Schedule to see what affects your total resource utilization in a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

Nathalie de Buhan

"The new utilization report is very visual. It will help us plan projects and inform our sales department when we're fully booked. They'll be able to see by themselves that there is just no room for new projects."

Nathalie, VP of Operations

Facilitate utilization reporting with Forecast

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