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Offload your administrative project work here

Eliminate administrative overhead and win more time for meaningful work with Forecast’s AI-powered features.

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Automate project planning & scheduling

Create a solid project plan in an instant with Forecast’s Auto Schedule. The powerful AI automatically estimates tasks, assigns and optimizes workload across resources, and sets a project delivery date. Reschedule the plan whenever change requests appear.

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Get AI-driven timesheet suggestions

Make time registrations the most intuitive and fastest part of your team's day. Forecast’s AI learns from your previous work, and suggests the number of hours you normally register on similar tasks to help you log time faster.

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Forecast Timesheet with celendar and AI suggested tasks

Forecast Budget feature automatically calculated the project budget fo

Put cost & budget estimation on autopilot

Forecast automatically calculates your project budget using task estimates, rate cards, and internal hourly costs. As your team registers time the data is reflected in real-time reports, so you can get in front of problems before they become disasters.


"After implementing Forecast, the key thing we've accomplished is reducing the time my team would spend on admin tasks by more than 50%."

Joanne Reid, Head of Project Management Office

"I know how much we’ve really worked on every project. Before Forecast, it could take several days for one of my employees to create a project report. Now it’s a matter of a few seconds which freed up more than 40% of our time."

Denise, Owner

"I can see how automation can free up a lot of time for our teams and also serve as a driver for helping the agency achieve our operational goals and of course deliver on our client's vision."

Peter Marius Stampe, Commercial Strategy Lead

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Project management with AI can make your planning more accurate.