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Unlock actionable business insights

Get live-updated project data automatically, so there's no need to comb through spreadsheets to generate a report.

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Make profitable business decisions

Improve profitability with the knowledge of how to become more efficient. Uncover financial trends and where projects and resources can be run more economically with Forecast's customizable reports. Accurately plan company growth and minimize risks by seeing how your  planned projects affect your profitability.

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Meet utilization targets

Grow the company with clear insights into where and how to improve your employee’s utilization and billability rate. Increase the efficiency of your teams, knowing what needs urgent attention and why. Encourage ownership within the team by giving everyone the data they need to do their job with excellence.

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Monitor the success of your business in real time

Ensure the overall strategy and vision are being executed. Get a more accurate picture of success at your company with reports perfectly tailored to your business and processes. The platform uses planned and actual data to present you with real-time insights into project progress so you can spend less time collecting data and more time acting on it.


"We’ve experienced an extensive increase in transparency within our company. We see a massive difference in the project’s integrity now that we’re able to accurately report time on the task."

Gordon, Director

"In Forecast, all data is automatically accumulated in real time. This has allowed us to allocate one full time employee to other tasks and make smarter business decisions at the same time."

Rasmus FrølunD, COO & Founder

"We knew how much people were working every week. But we didn't really understand who was over- or underbooked, or if we needed more or fewer team members."

Denise V. de Castro, Owner

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