See where you’re earning or burning

Understand where you make money or what is costing you more than expected. Spend more time on business partnering than trying to gather bits and pieces. Check the health of each project in real-time and the profitability of the entire company.

Company Financials

Break down every number

When you've had enough of a high-level picture, drill down to disassemble the numbers and see anomalies that need your attention upfront. Follow the project accounting both with a broader stroke and the most minor details in sight.

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Make collaborative decisions

Evolve and steer the projects in the right direction by closely collaborating across projects to execute stronger and more profitable projects. Participate in shaping the strategy of your organization, presenting actionable insights into where the company is heading from a financial perspective.

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  • Forecast has freed me up from essentially being a full time resource manager

    Glenn More
    Head of Delivery, Hallam