Learn from your wins and losses

Creating sustainable and predictable execution means figuring out what works and what doesn't. Forecast AI learns from your best projects and best project managers to give recommendations specifically tailored to your company. Get quick and clear projections on task completion, end-dates and budget consumption from the start of a project.


Mitigate risk with advanced warnings

Our AI-powered insights help you take action before a project starts heading off-course. By analyzing thousands of tasks we're able to determine which factors are most critical for risk management. So if you're in danger of over-running, going over-budget or being under-resourced, we'll give you nudges before it's too late.

Learn from your wins and losses

Keep the whole team on point

Our intelligent recommendations benefit every member of your team, allowing them to focus on their most critical work. By assessing the similarity between different tasks, skills and projects we're able to generate tailored insights that help improve efficiency, planning and scheduling on an individual basis.  

team focus

Putting the power of AI to work for you

Our advance AI technology enables intelligent recommendations so you can be more proactive.


Risk warnings

Understand the true status of your projects. Forecast flags issues proactively, so you can take preventative action to stay on track.

Team focus

Ensure your team works on the right things to deliver maximum business value.

Predictable execution

Ensure on-time delivery of your tasks, project, and programs without all the administrative work.

Financial control

Cut costs and maximize your profits with real-time insights into financial performance.
  • What our customers say

    Investing in Forecast is a no-brainer for us.

    Matt Nelson
    Head of Operations, Holition
  • What our customers say