Scale your business, efficiently

Optimize everything from quoting to invoicing, in one AI-powered project management software for consulting firms.

Spot an upcoming shortage of skilled workers

See your bandwidth in real time. Predict the capacity for incoming consulting projects and make informed hiring decisions with a holistic overview of allocations across the entire resource pool. Maximize company-wide utilization and improve billability seeing how time is spent.

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Fast-track the quoting process

Give more precise and realistic quotes to potential clients by improving and accelerating project planning and scheduling. Forecast’s AI takes the guesswork out of estimations and suggests the best people available to work on a new project, making quoting nearly effortless.

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Forecast has combined a lot of formerly disparate processes in one single platform. Schedule & Timesheets in total have saved us 15-20% admin time per week.

Drew Saucier — VP of Project Management
Paul Consulting

Secure a stable flow of income

Build a sustainable future for your company by moving from one-off projects to long-term partnerships with clients. Forecast has powerful tools to track the financial progress of retainers without losing reference to the workloads of your staff and the time they spent delivering services.

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Monitor and manage every type of projects

Improve cross-functional team collaboration

Unify the team in one workspace for superior collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Have tasks where every team member can comment, share files, and register time. Monitor who’s doing what and get notified of key progress updates directly.

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Workflow in Forecast

Maximize reporting efficiency

Gain real-time visibility into operating and financial data. Optimize work processes with the knowledge of how each project affects the bottom line. Keep stakeholders in the loop sharing relevant status updates. Forecast automatically actionable data across your business.

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Move beyond manual invoice creation

Facilitate your billing process by centralizing invoice management in Forecast or integrate with the accounting system of your choice. Forecast automatically imports your project data into your invoices for easy sharing.

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Add artificial intelligence to your tool stack

Connect disparate tools and departments by making Forecast the center of your ecosystem. Get a high level of transparency into every corner of your company.

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Achieve sustainable growth for your consulting business

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