Secure a sustainable future for your company

Get a clear overview of the financial health of your business now and "months" into the future

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Forecast Budget feature automatically calculated the project budget for you

Run projects more economically

Understand the true financial status of every project by monitoring actual vs. planned across key financial metrics without spending hours crunching numbers. Spot anomalies that affect profitability before they drain too much of your budget. Advise leadership how to use capital and resources beneficially, turning financial project data into actionable insights.

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Ensure a stable flow of income

Minimize financial risks with clear visibility into how retainer targets are met and how the hours are spent. Charge a flat fee or bill hours. No matter what project billing type you choose, Forecast has got you covered with the needed transparency into the financial performance in real time.

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Move beyond manual invoice creation

Facilitate your billing process by centralizing invoice management in Forecast or integrate with the accounting system of your choice. Forecast automatically imports your project data into your invoices for easy sharing.

Forecast monthly, quarterly, and annual results

Benefit from the accuracy in financial predictions at a portfolio level and disassemble the numbers. Closely monitor the lifetime value of a client and forecast revenue, cost, and profit with a fully populated pipeline of projects.

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"Forecast automates a huge part of our financial reporting, which allows me to spend more time looking into where we can optimize to be more profitable."

Stacey, Finance Manager
Matt Nelson

"Investing in Forecast is a no-brainer for us. It’s easier for us to spot inefficiencies before the scope and budget are way overboard and show people where we’re at.”

Matt Nelson, Head of Operations