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Nova is Forecast’s AI representative in the world, helping perfect everything.
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Streamline business operations

Create a better and smarter future for your company

Optimize work-intensive processes

Automate and refine administrative time-consuming work that hurts employee productivity. Minimize human error with Forecast’s AI and get a more accurate estimate of what can be accomplished.

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Maximize team efficiency

Know how to best utilize your team’s capacity. See whether you have the right mix of skills and roles to deliver high-demand work. Look months into the future and understand when to hire new people.

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Total Utilization

Get full data visibility

Make winning strategic decisions with clean and actionable data recorded across the entire organization automatically. Benefit from granular and holistic reports that require minimum effort to assemble and are ready to use and share with stakeholders.

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Increase project profitability

Improve bottom-line results by highlighting exactly where teams hit and miss to maximize efficiency. Keep an eye on the operating margin for each individual project and the company as a whole.

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Forecast has made it possible to optimize our operations to an extent where it's starting to feel like a well-oiled machine.

Chris — CEO
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