An All-in-One Time Tracking Software for Efficient Work

Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s time registrations without losing reference to your project, resource, and budget management. 
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Facilitate time registrations

Move your team past the discomfort of registering time. Forecast’s AI learns from your previous work, and suggests the number of hours you normally register on similar tasks to help you log time faster.

Forecast Timesheet with celendar and AI suggested tasks

Fine-tune the workloads 

Get a real-time overview of the workload and capacity of all your resources. Easily plan and even up the workloads to prevent bottlenecks. Set healthy standards of work to deliver with higher speed.

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Keep the budget in sight

Understand the true financial status of every project by monitoring actual vs. planned across key financial metrics. See up-to-the-minute numbers on where you earn the revenue, what is costing you, and how profitable the project is. Spot anomalies that affect profitability before they drain too much of your budget.

Forecast Budget feature automatically calculated the project budget for you

Create smart invoices

Speed up your billing process by generating invoices directly in the platform. Forecast automatically imports your team's time registrations into your invoices for easy sharing. Spot how paid and outstanding invoices affect your project budget.


Maximize reporting efficiency

Get clean and actionable data recorded across your projects automatically. Benefit from granular and holistic reports that require minimum effort to assemble and are ready to use and share with stakeholders.

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There is an additional level of ownership that comes from team members being able to see and know how their work directly impacts the project’s time and budget.

Maisha Walker — CEO
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Ramp up your team's productivity

See the effect of time registrations from day one. 
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