AI-Powered Project & Resource Management

Forecast helps operational leaders plan, run and track projects in one place to optimize productivity and increase utilization


Manually tracking projects on spreadsheets and disparate systems isn't sustainable

No view of who's working on what and when

Trying to manage your teams capacity on spreadsheets is manual and time-consuming. As a result they can't see what's coming up, prioritize work and log time correctly.

Working with inaccurate data

Stuck making decisions based on data that is days or even weeks old? Transferring data from one systems to another and piecing together operations and finances leads to inaccuracies, and poor decision making.

Lack of visibility and transparency

Managing multiple systems makes sharing accurate information with stakeholders across the business difficult, often leading to guesswork and poor results


Plan, run and track all your projects in one place

Forecast helps manage everything from quote to invoice without the administrative with our AI-powered solution built for Professional Services businesses.


Reduction in Admin Tasks

Centralize all of your project and financial information to cut down on manual administration.


Increase in Billable Utilization

Capitalize on the hours your team spends generation revenue for your business.


Reduction in Meetings

Easily align expectations with your teams to reduce ad-hoc and unnecessary meetings.


Instantly understand who can work on what and when

Proactively manage your entire team in real-time on one dashboard and anticipate future demand. Scope out potential project with placeholders and tentitive booking, and forecast demand based win probability.


Integrate your tech stack

The AI-driven platform that brings all your data together to streamline projects, resources and financials.

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Resource & Allocations

Balance workloads across multiple projects with crystal-clear visibility

Track and manage your teams utilization in real-time, and leverage AI to match the right people to their best work.

use cases

Make more intelligent decisions that drive better outcomes

The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.

Manage team capacity to maximize efficiency and productivity

Instantly understand who can work on what and when. Proactively manage your entire team in real-time on one dashboard to create more availability for valuable resources.

Allocate resources where they are needed most

Quickly allocate and balance resources to match all project needs accurately, prevent delays and bottlenecks so you can meet deadlines.

Track and optimize in real-time across your entire portfolio

Making adjustments to projects used to take days, not they take seconds. Remove the guesswork with real-time insight and recommendations you can act on instantly.

“Now that we have time tracking in a system that connects with everything we are working on, our billable utilization has gone from an average of 40% to closer to 75%"

CEO & Founder, Grafikr
Kiranan Luxmy
Predictive AI

Adjustments use to take days, now they take seconds

Remove the guesswork with real-time insight and recommendations you can act on instantly

“What we can see is a transparency around which projects exist and how many we have. From a top-down perspective there is a huge benefit"

Director, Business Applications & Architecture
Benjamin Sjögren

"Our developers are now at 91% billable. It’s a huge change that has made Grafikr a lot more profitable. We are a much healthier company because of it."

CEO & Founder
Kiranan Luxmy

“The level of financial reporting that we get from Forecast is far and above anything that I’ve seen in any project management tool that I’ve ever used."

Director of Operations
Allison Escott

Putting the power of AI to work for you

Our advanced AI technology enables intelligent recommendations so you can be more proactive.

Risk warnings

Understand the true status of your projects. It flags issues proactively, so you can take preventative action to stay on track.

Team focus

Ensure your team is working on the right things to deliver maximum business value.

Predictable execution

Ensure on-time delivery of your tasks, projects and programs without all the administrative work.

Financial Control

Cut costs and maximize your profits with real-time insights into financial performance.

Powerful Features

The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.


Time Tracking

Use AI-powered timesheets to register time and build a solid foundation for accurate reporting and forecasting.



Forecast provides users with the ability to generate invoices for projects and track payments on invoices.



Enable in-app notifications or opt to be notified by email. Get updates immediately or have them packaged as daily.


Resource Allocations

Stay on top of your resources, future demand and utilization of your workforce to save time and money.


Project Scoping

Plan out projects, determine and document the work required using phases, tasks, and deadlines, and view high-level information.


Story Points

Story Points provide a relative measure of how much time and effort is required to complete an individual user story.

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The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.

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