Minimal noise. Maximum growth.

Advanced Analytics (AvA) from Forecast pinpoints the activities that are fuelling or blocking business growth, without the need for messy, manual data analysis.

Unlock tailored business intelligence that puts complete visibility and accurate forecasting at your fingertips.

Make faster decisions with integrated analytics

  • Create customised 'at-a-glance' visuals that give you immediate insights into business performance metrics like profitability and resourcing
  • Quickly get to grips with the data that's critical to your business using real-time insights
Non-billable Hours On T&M Projects

Filter the noise with tailored reporting

  • Focus on what matters by customizing the reports, forecasts and dashboards you need to inform yourself and your team
  • Stop manually juggling spreadsheets and automate analytics in one easy-to-use system
Wednesday 19th Jan, 4pm GMT
From flagging to flying:How to boost your business with advanced analytics

Forecast events bring together top thinkers across the worlds of technology, services, agencies, and consulting to discuss new ways of working and how to get the best out of your team whilst driving efficiency and building a great place to work.

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Camilla Hasler
Partnerships Sales Manager
Paul Scholey
VP of International
Damantha Boteju
Chief Technology Officer
Amalie Kaysen
VP of Product

The right decisions based on the right data

  • Your decisions are only as good as the data they are based on. Get a view on growth potential, resourcing needs and profitability with minimal effort
  • Use real-time data to accurately forecast and make decisions with confidence and conviction

How is my portfolio performing
Money Left On The Table Due To Underselling Projects


Mitigate risks. Maximize resources. Seize opportunities. 

  • Spot inefficiencies and missed opportunities before they do damage with clear insights on where and when to upsell or change course
  • Drive up billable utilization by hiring the right people at the right time, balancing commercial needs with resource availability 
  • Identify the biggest possible returns with a complete view of profitability across teams, clients, departments and projects

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