Resource Management

Maximize ROI

Projects are more than tasks. Allocate resources to existing projects and ensure you are ready for the future with capacity planning.

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Project Management

Deliver on time, every time

Plan, run and track tasks, projects and programs from start to finish, pulling data from existing systems to understand what’s really going on.

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Financial Management

Contain your costs

Tie projects and resources to financials to gain transparency into project costs and margins ensuring you do not overspend.

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Financial Management
Artificial Intelligence

Ditch the spreadsheets

Unlock actionable business insights, monitor performance, and make profitable decisions with on-demand reporting.

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Artificial Intelligence

Predict the future

Get alerts ahead of potential issues, better staff your resources based on the true demand, and gain smart insights to streamline your operations

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Integrate your tech stack

The AI-driven platform that brings all your data together to streamline projects, resources and financials.

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  • What our customers say

    Using Forecast my team has become far more profitable

    Crystal Rata
    Executive Producer, Grumpy Sailor
  • What our customers say

    Forecast has freed me up from essentially being a full time resource manager

    Glenn More
    Head of Delivery, Hallam
  • What our customers say

    Forecast has enabled us to plan out further in advance, and cut 80% of admin time.

    Allison Escott
    Director of Ops, Herman-Scheer
Support for the entire team

Get the whole picture in a unified platform

Forecast decreases admin work and increases efficiency, profitability and alignment–across the board.


Team members

  • All work in one place
  • Eliminate the frustration of unrealistic deadlines
  • Easily see progress updates 
  • Greater efficiency with less admin work

Project management

  • Real-time reporting
  • Automated processes
  • Alignment across teams
  • Data-driven resource optimization


  • Strategic reporting on demand
  • Smarter hiring
  • Increased profitability
  • Less wasted admin time
  • Alerts based on performance
Customer experience

We take your experience as seriously as we take our product

Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, enhance delivery or supercharge your profitability, we can work together to make it happen.

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