No more juggling spreadsheets

Admit it, you’ve fantasized about quitting your job while copy-pasting data across spreadsheets for the millionth time. Forecast is everything you need to manage your projects, resources, and finances in one beautifully easy-to-use platform.

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Cut administrative work in half

Eliminate administrative overhead by handing off tedious project work to Forecast. Forecast’s Auto Schedule will help you get your projects up and running faster, automating project planning and doing all the math for you.

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Plan, run & track projects side-by-side

Manage everything – from your portfolio down to a single project, milestone, or task. Follow the project progress to the minute and stay one step ahead of scope creep. Deliver successful projects regardless of the billing type.

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Allocate resources for efficient work

Make intelligent resource allocation decisions with Forecast’s holistic Schedule view. Balance the workload across the entire resource pool and know when it’s the right time to hire. Have utilization rates automatically calculated for you to maximize the productive time.

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Improve cross-office teamwork & collaboration

Tear down silos and build transparency into execution with Forecast’s Sprints and Workflow. Clear the way for agile teams to deliver better results, faster.

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Workflow in Forecast

Forecast Budget feature automatically calculated the project budget for you

Deliver profitable projects

Get a complete picture of revenue, cost, and profit of each project generated automatically, based on planned and actual work. Drill down to demystify the numbers and spot net drains. See how to improve profit margins with the right financial data at your fingertips.

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Get full data visibility

No more wading through spreadsheets in pursuit of actionable data. The platform automatically assembles the insights into the future, past, and present of projects with any level of detail imaginable, so you can make winning strategic decisions.

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"After trying almost 50 tools of "project management" and "work management" I chose Forecast. It just makes sense. My team loves it. The cost is worth it."

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"Forecast is an innovative tool when it comes to project management, it's support is the most effective I have seen before, it has a spectacular interface, it is very easy to navigate, and personally, I have improved a lot in the planning and effectiveness of my projects."


"The combined resource scheduling, time-tracking and Project Management tools, the detailed operational tracking and reporting, frequency of updates, and, of course, the excellent customer support."