Feature Overview

Stay on track, stress-free with Forecast’s customisable notifications

Tailor your notifications with precision.

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Decide what you’re notified about

Project status changes or assignment, task deadline warnings, when you’re mentioned in comments and task assignments.

Get as detailed as you need

Task description or title updates, start and end date changes, tasks being moved to other projects or sprints, files being added.

Choose where you’re notified & how often

Enable in-app notifications or opt to be notified by email. Get updates immediately or have them packaged as daily or even weekly summaries.

Notifications for project financials too

Stay on top of invoice due dates & identify those overdue. Get notified if payment has been made or if the due date changes
  • Forecast has freed me up from essentially being a full time resource manager

    Glenn More
    Head of Delivery, Hallam
  • Investing in Forecast is a no-brainer for us.

    Matt Nelson
    Head of Operations, Holition

Ensure project execution efficiency

The flexible nature of Forecast’s notifications offers a multitude of benefits for those overseeing project delivery. It ensures enhanced focus by delivering pertinent updates, enabling timely responses to potential issues, and promotes efficient resource allocation.

Help reduce the noise and avoid feeling overwhelmed by cutting through to what matters and have it served up in a fashion that suits you. Streamlined information contributes to successful project execution, which is why Forecast is an invaluable tool for achieving optimal project delivery.

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Keep an eye on project financials

Our notifications on project financials empower leaders responsible for project profitability. Gain real-time insights into financial changes within projects and control costs with alerts on invoices and payments.

Get the info you need to make decisions promptly, ensuring optimal project profitability and mitigated risk. Enhance financial transparency, adhere to budgets, and detect issues early to prevent disruption.

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Integrate your tech stack

The AI-driven platform that brings all your data together to streamline projects, resources and financials.

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Hear from customers like you

  • Investing in Forecast is a no-brainer for us.

    It’s easier for us to spot inefficiencies before the scope and budget are way overboard and show people where we’re at.

  • Forecast ensures we actually make revenue because the point is margin, right?

    It’s super key and has uncovered significant losses prior to getting on the platform.

  • Hitting and exceeding our 65% margin goal was thanks to Forecast.

    We have a much more accurate view of our margins, expenses and costs as they relate to our projects.

  • Using Forecast my team has become far more profitable

    The team doesn't go over budget anymore, and we see can foresee problems really early with our clients so we can have those conversations at multiple points.

  • We grew our revenue and headcount by 50% and Forecast played a major role.

    First time we’ve ever seen realtime, unified financial performance across all client work. Such a jump from where we were before, onboarding was quick, a lot of evolution for us.
  • Forecast has freed me up from essentially being a full time resource manager

    I'm now ahead of overall delivery and back to running projects. That’s because the system is so easy to use.

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Manage and plan current load and demand across a single team or hundreds. Anticipate future resourcing needs for your organization while streamlining your planning process.
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Program management

Get a bird’s-eye view of your portfolio of projects and finances. Understand how you’re performing across business units, track fixed price or revenue capped initiatives, and ensure strategic alignment across multiple complex deliveries.
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Understand the true state of your delivery, whether internal or external. Measure output, costs and budgets to ensure you don’t end up with unpleasant surprises. 
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