Announcing Forecast 2.0


Over the past few months, the Forecast team has experienced the most rapid growth ever. A lot has happened. We got funding to continue our mission, we moved to new bigger offices, added a handful of new super talented team members, and began building the next big step towards the project management solution we envision and believe that you need to make the most of your business.

Today, we’re excited to announce: Forecast 2.0

Our mission from the start has always been to provide you with the best imaginable project management tool. The one that brings all the features you need, while doing it in the most simple and intuitive way.

The first version of Forecast taught us the important lessons on which types of features are really needed from the perspective of our users, what is most intuitive for you, and how we can continue to improve day after day, week after week. On the list of feedback the clear number one we got was: “Forecast is too complicated.” You most likely agree to this, and we do as well.

Forecast 1.0 taught us that the more raw data presented is not always better. That’s why we decided to reinvent Forecast, and build a completely new experience in Forecast 2.0.

Forecast 2.0 is built on a completely new framework - making it significantly faster, while still running directly in your web browser. It provides us with opportunities to build new types of features for you, and in general gives us a better platform to build the best possible tool for you in the future. We even have dedicated apps on the way, so you can work from any device.

The new Forecast is thus faster, more intuitive, better looking, providing deeper insights presented in a more visually pleasing manner, and closer integrated with the third-party services that you might be using already. We made it simple to import / export whatever data you may have stored in other apps. This makes you able to keep everything in-sync across services, easily switch between them, or keep it the way you’re most comfortable with.

Forecast 2.0 is not “just” a new product, it is a total revamp of Forecast. You might already have noticed our new logo, our new colors and design patterns. The new version is still under heavy development, and will continue to be for the coming few weeks as we work towards a complete smooth transition to the new platform.

You can sign up or switch to the new version already, and make sure to signup for our newsletter and follow us on social media as we continue to unveil the new Forecast.

We’re honored to have you around for this exciting announcement, and we welcome existing as well as new teams on-board as a part of the Forecast community. Feedback is always welcome, both the good and the bad, as we continue to build our solution together, but of course we hope you like it out of the box.

All the best,
The Forecast family

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