Announcing Project Overview for Managers and Upwards


We’re introducing a brand new overview, specially designed with mangers in mind. The new overview should give you the very important glimpse into your projects with less effort. Ultimately, being your go-to status board gathering all the most important factors, and bringing you the perspective you need to run successful projects.

If we dig in; the new overview is now set as the default view for team members with the role and permission levels of project manager or above. It appears whenever you enter a project, and makes you able to quickly see and edit the start- and end dates of the project, the current project stage (planning, running, halted, done), and choose the current project status (green, yellow, red). The project status is a manual measure that you can use to give the project an overall rating, and then eventually later go through the list of red and yellow flagged projects in a dedicated meeting.


The second main box is the schedule and utilization overview. It shows your current schedule, i.e. have you allocated enough hours to your milestones? Additionally, it shows your projected profit and your current status in terms of being ahead or behind the forecasted need of working hours. 0 is perfect, plus means you’re ahead of schedule, and a minus means you’re behind.


The third box shows an overview of your current sprint status. Your hours ahead or behind, remaining hours, and the remaining capacity.


If you don’t see the sprint box, it’s because your project is not running with sprints (an agile project). You can activate this by going to your project settings, and switching on “Use sprint planning”.


Below those three boxes, you find the project timeline. Just like the timeline page, it shows the milestones of your project, and the allocations of each team member. Here, you can quickly book people, and get the overview as well. Hover over a milestone to see exactly what you need. Click it to allocate resources.


If you have any questions regarding the new project overview page, you can as always find us on the chat in the lower right corner of your screen. Also, if you would like a personal meeting with one from our success team, book a meeting here. We’ll be happy to help!

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My name is Niels Frederiksen and I’m co-founder and lead developer in Forecast.

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