How to Implement a 'Work Anywhere, Anytime' Culture (With RedSprout Media)

work anytime, anywhere culture

Meet RedSprout Media, a B2B Social Media & Content Marketing agency with a track record of building a strong online reputation to generate inbound leads for their clients. For RedSprout, it's about helping businesses light a fire and develop a louder voice within their industry, so they don’t have to rely on the old tape of outbound and cold calling. 

For this very reason, RedSprout founders, Olivia Webb and Mark Gaisford use their Linkedin Lives to ‘Rage against the Mundane’ in the world of marketing (a slogan we absolutely love). But this time they were kind to have Forecast’s own CRO, Rob Massa on their weekly LinkedIn Live, where they came together to talk all things productivity, and RedSprout got the best out of their teamwork.

As any creative agency, RedSprout was keen to snap out of a time sink, so they tried a myriad of tools and methods to become more productive. Earlier this year, RedSprout even trialed a four-day workweek, and much to their regret, it didn’t work. Why? Because a four-day week doesn’t address everybody’s individual productivity levels. Mark’s view on this really struck a chord with us.

“We tell our primary school children when to wake up, when to do their homework, and when to go to sleep, because as adults, we know best. These children then go off to university, and we say “right, it’s over to you to plan your time, your work, and your expenses”. Why then, would we put them back in rigid time schedules in the world of work?”

Such a valid observation, and one we should be challenging more and more as our ways of working continue to evolve with changing demands and new technologies. So in pursuit of higher levels of productivity for everyone, RedSprout made a transition from working traditionally into working anytime, anywhere. They explain this decision by the need to tailor to individual needs and admit this wouldn't have been possible without Forecast. 

“Forecast is the technology that made RedSprout’s new way of working possible”, says Olivia, a self-diagnosed “technophobe” who always opted for pen and paper in the past. “The platform helps us register time, calculate our utilization levels, and balance everyone’s workloads.” Since they adopted Forecast, they also have been able to get full visibility into the progress of projects, enabling them to embrace a new, truly flexible culture of “working anytime, anywhere.” 

“With Forecast, you become so hooked into being productive,” admits Mark. 

Watch the recording below to learn more about the new work culture and why it has a massive effect on productivity.  

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