MS Teams + Forecast

Integrate Microsoft Teams & Forecast to foster collaboration across systems.
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Connect Forecast & MS Teams to improve project communication

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform for business communication. The tool facilitates a collaborative environment by dividing everything into channels and team spaces.

By connecting MS Teams with Forecast, you can assemble all the communication between a team around a project in one dedicated channel. Not only does that ensure everything is in one place, but it also helps you support efficient units.

How it works

With one click, it's possible to build a bridge between Forecast & MS Teams. By linking the two systems, a dedicated channel is created in MS Teams. In this channel, the Forecast team members that are also part of the MS Teams account are united for efficient collaboration.

The channel will reflect what is happening in the project in real-time, and every notification generated in Forecast can be immediately seen in the channel created in MS Teams. Both systems are linked and enable users to go from MS Teams to a chosen task in Forecast.

You don't have to worry about setting it up correctly. The Forecast Bot will help you do it and ensure you are always up to date on the project's latest news.