Covering all bases for your digital projects

We want you to focus on being creative and innovative, while still getting paid for your work.

This means that we don’t have all the bells and whistles, but are focusing only on the tools you need to make your projects profitable.

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Creativity and innovation

That’s what makes your clients tick and that's what makes your team happy. Forecast takes care of the boring stuff for you - so you can do what you do best.

I trailed around 7/8 different project management software's over a 6-month period: The main problem was I needed both a project management and resource management tool- which proved to be really hard to find. But finding Forecast really dealt with all my needs- Projects are running smoother and we can control the budgets better.
Gordon | Director of ADEO
Customer since October 2017
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Collaborate, delegate and track projects intuitively

Seamless collaboration is key for any team. Forecast lets you comment, mention, emoji and label everything so that it is easy for you to always know what your team is working on. An intuitive and straightforward user interface will help you focus on the things that matter the most.

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Meet deadlines by having the perfect overview

Visualization tools and a structured overview of your projects make sure that priorities are transparent to everyone on the team so that deadlines are met every time. Forecast helps you decide where to focus next, shows you what your team is doing, and lets managers have a bird's eye view of everything in the making.

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Customize workflows, boards and templates any way you want

Not all projects are created equal. That's why we support both agile and more traditional methods for running your projects. Create one or more ideal project templates using Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall or a mix. You can even change the model and project board as you go along.

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Schedule icon

Easily schedule people across projects

When running multiple projects simultaneously, resource planning becomes essential. With Forecast, it's intuitive to drag-drop people on to projects. Forecast shows you when they are available and to which other projects they are allocated. Quick Book even lets you find the currently available people with the right skills or role.

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Set precise estimates and scope by leveraging data

Precise estimates equals profitable projects. Forecast implements machine learning to help ensure precise estimates based on project history. Forecast raises the bar by delineating your data so that you can produce highly accurate estimates and correctly scoping your projects.

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Integrate your favorite apps with Forecast

Connecting your favorite apps with Forecast is as it should be - simple! Commonly used apps are directly integrated into the Forecast interface to make sure that all your data is accessible in one place - and nothing gets lost along the way. We’re constantly adding new apps to our extensive app catalog. See all the connected apps.

Reports icon

Save time by sharing reports with clients and collaborators

Project managers often spend more than 4 hours a week building reports for both internal and external stakeholders. Forecast helps you automate report sharing and gain continous insights into your projects at any given time. Ensure that everyone is on the same page by putting a live report on a full screen in the office.

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Time reporting icon

Register time and see how your result meets the budget

Registering time spent on an individual task or project should be easy. Forecast actually makes it so. Report time directly in Forecast with our stopwatch or connect your dedicated time logging app - it’s up to you. Either way logging time will provide you and your team with valuable insights.

All the features you need

Forecast offers everything your team needs to successfully complete any project. All in one simple and coherent solution.

Cards iconCards

Easily create tasks, we call them cards, for yourself or assign to multiple team members.

Subtasks iconSubtasks

Successful work management involves splitting larger cards into smaller subtasks.

To-do's iconTo-do's

Use to-do's to keep things simple and have everything located on your card.

Upcoming work iconUpcoming work

Stay on top of your assigned cards and make sure you know what to work on next.

Kanban board iconKanban board

The modern way to manage work by dragging cards into completion columns.

Workflow iconWorkflow

Create any workflow you want and make sure the ways of working fit your needs.

Comments iconComments

Tired of email threads? Comment directly on a card, to clarify exactly what needs to be done.

Estimates iconEstimates

AI driven estimates learn from the way you work and automatically help you improve.

Gantt chart / timeline iconGantt chart / timeline

The ultimate bird's eye view of your work, allowing you to quickly adjust your plans in a calendar view.

Budgets iconBudgets

Create and track budgets on projects both in terms of money and time, including project expenses.

Rates iconRates

Create rate cards to use for tracking the cost of each project role.

Clients iconClients

Store all your contacts and leads to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.

Milestones iconMilestones

Group lists of tasks and set a goal by a certain date, give your team and clients something to look forward to.

Issue tracking iconIssue tracking

Mark any card as an issue / bug to keep track of the quality of your work.

Blocking iconBlocking

Block a card to let everyone know that it's not progressing right now. Maybe it's waiting for the client?

Repeat iconRepeat

Have things that need to happen on a recurring basis? Just repeat it as often as you want, so you make sure not to forget anything.

Time tracking iconTime tracking

Whether you are tracking your workday or billing clients, time tracking is essential to productivity. Use a timer or manual entry.

Project templates iconProject templates

Quickly duplicate projects and save countless hours creating the same project over and over. Only copy what you need.

Files iconFiles

A simple file and folder system allows you to store and organize all of your project files in one place.

Attachments iconAttachments

Add files from your computer or Google Drive to any card or project.

Deadlines iconDeadlines

Ensure that every project, milestone, sprint and card is completed on time.

Scheduling iconScheduling

Resource planning using graphical and intutive drag-drop, so you make sure that people are booked accordingly.

Quick Book iconQuick Book

Our AI quickly matches the needs of the project with the skills and roles of your people.

Project status iconProject status

Easily update the project status so everyone is aligned on where the project stands, what's blocking and when you can deliver.

Sprints iconSprints

Doing scrum or something like it? Easily plan work in iterations and make sure you deliver in a stepwise fashion.

Custom reports iconCustom reports

Easily build your own reports using drag-drop with more than 50+ customizable components. No coding required!

Standard reports iconStandard reports

You can track budgets, burndowns, progress, velocity, estimates vs. actuals etc., using our pre-built reports.

Insights iconInsights

Business level insights can help you track client profitability, project roadmaps, utilization, etc.

Sharing reports iconSharing reports

Securely share your custom reports with clients and other stakeholders without giving them login access.

Dashboards iconDashboards

Put your data to work by creating a custom view that can be shown on a large screen in the office.

Shortcuts iconShortcuts

Power users can take advantage of hot keys to quickly accomplish thngs like assigning, blocking cards, etc.

Labels iconLabels

Label anything, ie. projects, people, or cards. This helps you locate and match people to the right work.

Mobile apps iconMobile apps

Very often we are managing our work while outside the office, enjoy our iOS and Android applications on the go.

Permissions iconPermissions

Choose access rights and permissions so only certain people can see what they need to - and nothing more.

Admin controls iconAdmin controls

Administrators can manage team members, enable SSO, integrations and modify the team's account.

Single Sign-on (SSO) iconSingle Sign-on (SSO)

Take security to the next level by enabling SSO, so you can log in to all you systems with one set of credentials.

Security iconSecurity

We exclusively use SSL encryption for secure access and EU Safe Harbor Compliance so your data is safe & secure.

Apps & integrations iconApps & integrations

Connect with all the tools and cloud services you already use by linking them directly into your projects.

Customer success iconCustomer success

Our Customer Success Managers will help you on-board and deploy Forecast successfully.

Powered by AI iconPowered by AI

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning engine automatically learns from your data and helps you better understand where to improve.