Why Forecast is the Future of Work, According to Our Investors

forecast investors

Why Forecast? We've asked the representatives of our investor companies - Balderton Capital and Crane Venture Partners, why they believe Forecast has the future no other project management software can live up to, how they feel about the expansion of Forecast to the US, and whether Forecast transformed the way they thought it would over the years. 

James Wise out of Balderton Capital, our stellar new investor that has just secured us $19M in a Series A funding, is very excited about the Forecast journey so far. According to James, Forecast has all the three important pillars to win the category of project management software -  exceptional people, exceptional product, and the foundations of a huge organization. 

“So we look at the history of SaaS as evolving from one player software, where you'd sit at your desktop, and you'd do your work, to multiplayer software, where you can go online through your website and collaborate with other players, other colleagues on a particular project,” explains James. 

“What Forecast has done is take that to a whole new dimension, which is what we're really excited about. You can of course, work on projects yourself and work with your colleagues. But using Forecast integrations and machine learning add-ons, you're building a whole new level of productivity that goes beyond what there's been before.”

Watch the video to see what James had to say about Forecast and how it compares with other companies Balderton Capital has invested in. 


We also spoke to our early-stage investor, Krishna Visvanathan, about how far Forecast has come since he first invested and whether it has transformed the way he thought it would. Krishna pointed out that Forecast has exceeded his expectations “at a senior level and across the board.” The reason being, Krishna says, “clarity on the product and company positioning” as well as “the majority of the team progressing significantly.” Watch the full video here: 


When Forecast first started, it was just a few people working on the product. Now, there are over 70 full-time employees across the company, delivering on the future of work, and 34 open positions as of today! If your vision matches with ours, check it out!


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