Forecast Earns New G2 Summer Awards

G2 summer awards

We’re proud to announce that G2, the world-leading review platform, has presented Forecast with a number of its Summer 2021 badges.

This season, we won a total of 9 badges across Project Management, Resource Management, Work Management, and Professional Services Automation software categories that prove Forecast is the fastest to implement, easiest to do business with, and has the highest user adoption rate.


Fastest implementation

When adopting new PSA software, the time it takes to implement the solution can feel a little overwhelming. However, this rule doesn’t apply to Forecast. According to G2’s Implementation Index, we’ve been recognized as a platform with the shortest go-live time in our category, which means that teams requiring a quick setup without IT hassle can roll up their sleeves and start using Forecast in no time.

fastest implementation

Category: Professional Services Automation


Highest user adoption  

Getting delivery teams to use new tools is difficult. Successful product adoption, especially by large groups of people, often takes time and a lot of effort. In fact, it’s even more difficult if you’re trying to change habits and culture as well. You might have the perfect new software that can save your company millions but if nobody is using it, it’s as good as useless. And when you’re dealing with a large mass of delivery teams, it really hits at the core of what you do.

Highest user adoption is where Forecast stands out in the small business and medium-sized business market. Our platform caters to the needs of many - collaborators, project managers, and executives. We do our best to help everyone experience the platform and provide turnkey solutions to save time on admin work.

highest user adoptionhighest user adoption summer

Categories: Resource Management, Work Management


Easiest admin 

Ease of admin is what really differentiates Forecast from other platforms in G2’s Usability Index. Setting up and maintaining the platform doesn’t introduce any challenges to Forecast users - we make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

easiest admin

Category: Professional Services Automation 


Easiest to do business with 

We were honored to receive a badge in the Relationship Index as well, and this badge praises the hard work of our account and customer experience teams. Every month our customer-facing teams prove that despite the complexity and challenges professional services firms face, our Forecasters will do their utmost to find a solution.

easiest to do business with

Category: Professional Services Automation


Best estimated ROI

We’re glad to win a top spot when it comes to the best estimated ROI in the PSA category. Return on investment (arguably the most important metric when it comes to adopting new software) measures how much value you gained compared to how much you paid, so we take pride in making businesses more profitable than they were before using Forecast.

best estimated ROI

Category: Professional Services Automation


Momentum leader 

But that’s not all! Forecast was awarded a momentum leader badge which means we’re in the top 25% of our categories thanks to our users’ honest reviews and feedback.

momentum leader

Categories: Professional Services Automation, Project Management


High performer in mid-market

Forecast has also received a high satisfaction rating which demonstrates our ability to satisfy mid-market customers’ needs and expectations in a total of three categories!

high performer

high performer summer
Categories: Project Management, Professional Services Automation, Resource Management

In a landscape riddled with hundreds of project management tools, these badges are the real deal, and serve as a testament to the quality of our platform and team.

As we celebrate this honor along with our latest product enhancements and partnerships, we also want to express our gratitude to all of our users for their feedback, loyalty, and kind words about our company!


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