New Global Create Button, Date Formatting, New Insights and More


Announcing new universal create button, and more...

Global create button

We’ve implemented a new global create button that let’s you create anything in Forecast from anywhere. This means that it’s now super simple to create a new task, user story, project or other things no matter where you’re located. This makes for a much faster workflow. More additions will be added to this button over the coming weeks.

All projects updated


All projects page

The “All Projects” page has also been updated so there’s no horizontal scrolling, which makes it much easier to work with. To see details for a single project you can click on the foldout next to the project to see even more information for each.

Project and portfolio status reports


Status reports

We have two new reports that enable you to get a quick overview of the status of how projects are going. The status can quickly be set by the Project Manager and seen in the reports. This means that you don’t have to chase people for updates but can just look at the report and only take action on projects where the status is unsatisfactory.

New layout of stories and tasks

Stories and tasks also have gotten an overhaul so they’re now much easier to use without scrolling and you can see which user created and updated last. This makes it easy to trace why a story suddenly might have changed.

US and European formatting


US and European data and number formatting

In your user settings it’s now possible to set your preference for using US or European date and number formatting. This ensures that you can work with the format you’re used to without getting confused.

Direct links and item IDs

Lastly we now have direct links to projects, stories and tasks so you can email/chat a link to a co-worker and they can easily get to the same place. We’ve introduced a “Get Link” icon in all places where you can use direct links. Of course you can still link directly to any screen as well, this remains unchanged.

Items now all have an identifier so they are easier to reference and see the type from. All projects will be referenced with a P, all stories with US and all tasks with a T. As an example tasks could get the ID T-1, T-2 etc.

All in all a lot of great changes that we hope you’ll find useful.

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My name is Danny Larsen and I’m co-founder and CTO in Forecast. After graduating university with a degree in Computer Science, I helped start Forecast and we're changing the way projects are managed!

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